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    The main pages of Turkel.org.il website:

    1. Introduction to the Türkel Tribe
    2. The Origin of the surname Türkel, Turkel, Tirkel, Terkel
    3. The origin of the surname TURKEL by Norbert Pearlroth
    4. Bibliography of the 'Turkel Tribe'
    5. FAQ about The 'Turkel Tribe' -שאלות ותשובות: חקר משפחת טירקל
    6. Turkel Tribe Guest Book
    7. History of Eastern European Jews
    8. Descendant Trees of Turkel, Terkel, Tirkel etc.
    9. Shtetls with names sounding Turkl
    10. Map of Europe - where we found Turkel familes,
    11. Galicia Galizia Galicianer Genealogy, Jewish Family Roots Research
    12. Special Thanks - The Turkel Tribe (genealogy)
    13. George Turkel's Shoe Box pics
    14. Jacob Turkel descendants` tree - Podwoloczyska, Galicia
    15. Descendants of Shlomo [father of Pessach Türkel] from Rousinov
    16. Mordechai » Israel-Menachem Alter Türkl Halevi ישראל מנחם אלטר טירקל הלוי בן מרדכי
    17. Moshe Terkel of Tarnopol - Descendants` Tree
    18. SAMsters - Türkel / Turkel descendant tree - Tarnopol
    19. Chaim Eisig Turkel of Chorostkow - descendant's tree
    20. Schmaria Türkel of Tysmienica - descendants' tree
    21. Turkel families from Lwow Przemysl and Sambor, Andrew's Enigma
    22. Descendants of Shlomo [father of Pessach Turkel] from Buchach
    23. Descendants` Tree of Aharon Yeroham Fishel Tierkel
    24. Turkel Descendants` Tree from Stryj Bolechow & Tarnow Galicia
    25. Charles Turkel Descendants` Tree - Krynki Krinki Kirinki Kirynki Krynicy Krience - Galicia
    26. Yisrael-Baer (Srool) Turkel of Podhajce & Vishnevchik - descendants` tree
    27. The family roots of Sherry Turkle are unresolved yet - Tarnopol Descendants` Tree
    28. The Meyer Terkel [Türkel] cousins of Tarnopol and the enigma of Joseph Terkel
    29. Descendants` Tree of Abraham Türkel
    30. Turkel - index of first names
    31. Jacob Turkel Descendants` Tree - Kapsy
    32. Descendants` Tree of Joseph Pincus Turkel
    33. Descendants` Tree of Joseph Abraham Turkel
    34. Peter's Enigma
    35. Zakheim's Enigma, Descendants` Tree of Turkel family from Warsaw
    36. Bernard-The-Caterer Descendants` Tree
    37. Meir Terkel's Descendant Tree - Tarnopol, Galicia
    38. Harold's Enigma
    39. Stanley's Enigma
    40. Podwoloczyska - a snap shot
    41. Map of Poland
    42. Map of Ukraine
    43. Galicia (Galizia): Lwow, Sambor, Strei, Stryj, Bolechow, Bolechov, Schodnitza, Schodnice, Turka, Poland
    44. Galicia (Galizia) - partial map of
    45. Galicia (Galizia): Tarnopol, Buczacz, Trembowla, Podwoloczyska
    46. From Sam Turkel to Louis Terkel aka Studs Turkel
    47. Galicia (Galizia) - full map
    48. Links from the Turkel Tribe web-site
    49. Genealogy Links
    50. נתונים על בני משפחת טירקל (טורקל, טורקיל, טרקל, טריקל) החל מהמאה ה-17
    51. שורשים אילן יוחסין עץ משפחה גנאלוגיה / גניאלוגיה, משפחות טירקל, טורקל, טרקל, גליציה
    52. Why have I changed my name from Tirkel (Türkel) to Tal?


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