Descendants` Tree of Tarnopol
Stanely Turkel
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This "flat" text file illustrates a partial branch of the family.

First_name  Middle_name /Family_name/  birth-death   location1 > location2
*n__descendant     (n denotes number of generation)
[h] denotes a holocaust victim.
R` Rabbi   Dr. Doctor

The "enigma" of Stanley Turkel is resolved
This branch is part of Shmuel/Sam from Tarnopol

  tree WAS:

    1__Stanley /Turkel/  RootsMagic Website Generator
       +Shirley /Wolf/
       2__Beverly Sue /Turkel/
       |  +Howard /Silldorf/
       |  3__David /Silldorf/
       |  3__Mark  /Silldorf/
       2__Joanne /Turkel/
       |  +Ron /Kramer/
       |  3__Mitchel /Kramer/
       |  3__Andrea /Kramer/
       2__Steven /Turkel/


The above partial tree is based on information found on internet,
Descendant Tree of Zalick Hazu contributed by Lloyd I. Greenberg,
at Family Tree World®, made of Family Tree MakerTM.
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