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Map of Galicia

The Special Interest Group for Galicia   Galicia - The areas Turkels settled in

ABC list of all shtetl's where Turk'l folks settled
There were Turkel families residing outside Galicia.

The Name Galicia

Halychyna! Galicia! Gacsorszag! Galizien! Galicja!
Homeland Page with its history, maps and links

Spanish   Galicia   Is it relevant?

There is a presumed connection between Spanish Galicia and Eastern Galicia

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  • Galicia (Spain)
  • GALICIA by All About Spain
  • Introduction to Galicia (Spain)

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    Austro-Hungarian Empire (1882): Galicia (Galizia)
  • Central area of Galicia (142 Kb)   23o- 26oE / 48o- 50oN
  • Full map (238 Kb)   19o- 27oE / 48o- 50o40'N     Source: FEEFHS Map Room at ucDavis
    © CopyRight 1996, FEEFHS - Federation of East European Family History Societies

  • Map of Poland (on this site) A larger old map at The Perry-Castañeda Library at the Univ. of Texas at Austin
  • Map of Ukraine compressed version 36 Kb of © Magellan 66 Kb GIF see secondary window
  • Map of Europe

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