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  The 'Turkel Tribe'

Special Thanks

    I would like to extend special thanks to the following great folks
    (list is sorted chronologically as webmaster received information directly):

  1. Adina Barlev (maiden Turkl), Haifa - Israel, webmaster's second cousin
    provided first clues that indirectly invoked this research
  2. Rabbi Prof. Eliezer-Lippa Turkel aka Eli,   Raanana, Israel, kindly sent
    the work of Shulamit Hackenbruch and photocopies from the Encylopedia of Chassidut.  Eli also sent me a photocopy of the Hebrew interview with Justice Yaacov Tirkel.
  3. Shulamit Hackenbruch, Tel Aviv - Israel, had made an outstanding research during the 1980`s of the Israel-Menachem Trembowla branch
  4. Gerald Shapiro   Melbourne, Australia.
    Gerald (RIP) is a family member and a geneologist for many years.
    He contributed to spread the word.  Israel-Menachem primer trees at Beith Hatfutzot, JGFF and elsewhere are also due to him.
  5. Andrew Z Tirkel   East Brighton Vic, Australia,
    Andrew kindly sent the primer World Family Tree that amazingly correlated
    with the initial Israel-Menachem tree prepared by Shulamit Hackenbruch.
  6. Peter Turkell NJ, USA: unresolved Joseph/Leonard Trembowla branch
  7. Leonard & Bruce Turkel   Florida, USA   Stryj/Bolechow branch
    Bruce directed webmaster to the JGFF dataBase
  8. Russell Dr. Rick Turkel Columbus, OH
  9. Barbara Schare   MI, USA
    Barbara kindly snail mailed the primer stuff gathered by WCT
  10. David Bernard Turkel signed our guestbook.
  11. William Charles Turkel (WCT aka Bill) from Darien, CT, USA
    Podwoloczyska branch.  Bill has been the American "Guru" gathering outstanding data about Turkel branches that immigrated to the USA before WW2.  Currently Bill is the most active guy, who helps whenever and wherever he can :)
  12. Margaret Friedman (maiden Turkel) Cleveland, OH
  13. Neta Tor-Turkeltaub signed our guestbook.
  14. Jeff Turkel signed our guestbook.
  15. Ada Holtzman signed our guestbook.
  16. Michael Tirkel Giv`a`taim, Israel: unresolved Joseph Turkel - Tarnopol branch
  17. Imanuel Tirkel signed our guestbook.
  18. Eric N. Schweitzer NV, USA: unknown Lwow branch
  19. George Zakheim, ref. Benjamin Turkel of Warsaw
  20. Norman E. Turkel aka Stormin, Maitland FL:   Sam/Sam Tarnopol branch kindly sent webmaster top valued information.
  21. Fran Lacas (maiden Turkel) NYC, we'r looking forward to get more . . .
  22. David Bernard Turkel kindly sent stuff about the Opera Anna Turkel
  23. Eyal Tirkel signed our guestbook.
  24. David Howard Turkel signed our guestbook.
  25. Florence Marmor signed our guestbook.
  26. Norman Turkel, aka "nooney"   Tysmienitsa - Schmaria Turkel branch.
    He is one of the most active folks who would not miss a week without a new discovery.  Above all, Norman heads a committee of one that named all the listed members herein as "TreeBees" :)
  27. Tergl original Terkl from Austria signed our guestbook.
  28. Christopher Turkel signed our guestbook.
  29. Joe Turkel signed our guestbook.
  30. Ann Turkel the actress herself . . .
  31. Judi K-Turkel the famous writter of computer books. . .
  32. Spencer Jay Turkel of the SAMsters :)
  33. Joseph Turkel of the Joseph Abraham branch
  34. The actor Joe Turkel from California
  35. Jack Jay Turkel, a descendant of Jacob Turkel of Lwow
  36. Ed Turkel, a descendant of Yankle Turkel of Bolechow
  37. Arnold Terkel signed our guestbook.
  38. Matias Turteltaub signed our guestbook.
  39. Mark Turkel signed our guestbook.
  40. Jay Lechtman signed our guestbook.
  41. David Turkel-Parrella signed our guestbook.
  42. M. Brooks Turkel signed our guestbook.
  43. Albert Turkel signed our guestbook.
  44. Amy Turkel Otis signed our guestbook.
  45. Leo Turkel signed our guestbook.
  46. Larry Wennik signed our guestbook and providing further info.
  47. Eric TRKEL signed our guestbook.
  48. Ann Turkel signed our guestbook.
  49. Jonathan Turkel, a descendant of Mottle Turkel of Strej
  50. Michelle Turkel Rehs of the Joseph Pincus branch
  51. Ina Wolf signed our guestbook.
  52. Kobi Tyrkel of the Abe-Jack-Abe-Jack Warsaw branch
  53. Norman Greenfeld signed our guestbook.
  54. Susan Beth Turkel signed our guestbook.
  55. Linda Stein of the Srool Usher branch of Vishnevchik and Podhajce.
  56. Tomer Brunner Netania, Israel, sent webmaster a photocopy of an important page in the book, "Die Juden und Judengemeinden Mahrens in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart"
  57. Marianne Erdfarb signed our guestbook.
  58. Joseph Pinkas Turkel signed our guestbook. signed
  59. Muriel Turkel Kaufer signed our guestbook.
  60. David Andrew Turkel added information about a SAMster.
  61. Richard Turkel added information about SAMsters.
  62. Steven Charles Turkel (father of David Andrew above) added information about SAMsters.
  63. Trudy Turkel (mother of Steven above) added information about SAMsters.
  64. Leo Turkel (brother-in-law of Trudy above) added information about SAMsters and becoming webmaster's keyboard pal.
  65. Many thanks to Rachelle Alterman (Netania, Israel) for hosting the 1st reunion of Israeli Tirkels (Aug 12, 2000), also to her lovely parents, Nessia Turkel-Marmor-Sharf and Sinai Leichter (Lajchter) who told us outstanding stories and provided valuable information. As well many thanks to ALL the participants of this reunion, over 22 family members.  Now we have a fewer (however larger) branches. . .wait for more soon!
  66. Madia Dacher (Sherman Oaks, CA) kindly contributed information about the branches Hersh Turkel branch from Lwow somehow related to Jacob, Yhur-Joseph & Devosha Turkel.
  67. Zvia Birman nee Migdan (Jerusalem, Israel) sent information focusing on the Turkel-Taffet inter-marriages, extending the solution of Michael's enigma.
  68. Nikki Turkel Hoar contributed to the Jacob Turkel branch.
  69. Richard Mintz from Long Island, New York, unknown descended from Benjamin Turgel of Zetel, Russia.
  70. David Baer TierkelII from GA contributed to the Tierkel branch.
  71. Gail Goldsmith Zukcer contributed to the Hersh branch of Lwow.
  72. Russel & Stephanie Turkel Maz'l Tov and thanks for the updating.
  73. Jeff Turkel son of Milton and Lillian (Chomsky) Turkel,
    signed our guestbook.
  74. Myra Turkel Peterson of the Tysmienitsa - Schmaria Turkel branch
    signed our guestbook.
  75. Dafna Donyets nee Turkel z"l.
  76. Simon Turkel of the Moshe Meir Turkel - Tarnopol branch
    signed our guestbook.
  77. Israeli Sup. Ct. Justice Yaacov Tirkel and Prof. Eli Turkel kindly provided a reference to the earliest known Jewish Turkel.
  78. Heidi Turkel Daitch of the Moshe Meir Turkel - Tarnopol branch
    e-mailed outstanding information about her clan.
  79. Bob Turkel son of Frank of the B-The-C Tarnopol branch
    e-mailed outstanding information about his clan.
  80. Jay Eliot Terkel of the Moshe Meir Turkel - Tarnopol branch
    e-mailed outstanding information about his spouse and kids.
  81. Michal Nattiv maiden Halevi aka Miki of the Israel-Menachem branch
    surprised webmaster with a "new" information about her close family.
  82. Ron Kaminker, webmaster's 3rd cousin via his paternal grandma - Chaya Kaminker informed about online search available via JewishGen.org
  83. Avi Turkel (Yeshiva University, NY) of the Israel-Menachem branch
    kindly provided new information.
  84. Ellen daughter of Sylvia nee Turkel of the SAMSters holds information that might shed light on the relationship of the SAMSters with other Turkel branches. Wow!
  85. Shulamit Gafni (daughter of Zeev Turkel from Haifa) kindly shed light on her Turkel branch from Bolechow.
  86. Dorothy Jean Kral from Australia, daughter of Erna Turkel kindly signed our guestbook.
  87. Corrine Lobacz of the Srool Usher branch kindly signed our guestbook and maitained e-mail contact with webmaster filling in a few blanks.
  88. Ron Ellman of the Srool Usher branch kindly emailed additional information.
  89. Melanie Gradis Brown of the Yaacov's branch kindly emailed additional information.
  90. Lisa Rachel Korn of the Yaacov's branch kindly amended her sub-branch.
  91. Marcus Tirkel from Sweden, of the Lwow/Sambor branch kindly sent new and valuable information.
  92. David Andrew Turkel amended information concerning the SAMster.
  93. Thelma Turkel nee Friedricks updated information concerning the SAMster.
  94. Stanley Turkel   NY, USA   Stryj/Bolechow branch.
  95. Susan Bell nee Kral, daughter of Erna nee Turkel of the Israel-Menachem branch sent a beautiful picture of Eliezer Lippa Turkel.
  96. Menachem Terkel, grandson of Michael of Tarnopol (born ~1875) added info about his clan.
  97. Joseph Terkel grandson of Joseph of Tarnopol (born ~1875) added info about his clan.
  98. Shaul Terkel and his cousin Rivka Engelberg daughter of Melani Terkel, added info about their branch, Saul and Nathan sons of Meir Lazar Terkel, who settled in Instanbul, Turkey on their way from Romania to Palestine.
  99. Hanan Terkel (rather his wife Liora) and Hanan's cousin Eli Terkel, added info about their Tarnopol branch, commencing acorrding to them with Hersh Yaacov Terkel.
  100. Shuki Achisar of the Israel-Menachem branch
    kindly provided information about his clan.
  101. Lotte Terkel (wife of Simon Terkel 1905-1981 & mother of Eli Terkel mentioned above) added "new" info about their Tarnopol Terkel branch.
    This info was merged with Lotte's testimony at Yad Va`Shem (Hall of Names, 1955), also with another testimony of Miriam (Mitzi) Terkel wife of Joseph Terkel, leading to the inevitable conclusion that the founder of this branch was Meir and Rosa Terkel, whose son was Hersh Yaacov born ~1876.
  102. Leah Margalit and her daughter Nurit of the Israel-Menachem branch
    kindly provided information about their clan.
  103. Barbara Turkel Sauceda of the Kirinki branch
    kindly provided information about her family, as well as very nice photos.
  104. Judi K-Turkel of the Chorostkow branch
    kindly provided information about her family.

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