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Missing identity Holocaust survivor children
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Jewish Roots Ring
List of Sites

  1. General information recommended sites as an overview

  2. JewishGen, USA   The largest website concerning Jewish Genealogy

  3. Avotaynu, Inc., USA   Home Page | Jewish Surname Index
    It is a very large publisher of information and products of interest to persons researching their Jewish family history.

  4. World wide Jewish affiliated Org. & Resources

  5. Holocaust

  6. Resources about Galicia

  7. On line Free MAPS

  8. On Line Free RESEARCH

  9. On Line RESEARCH, not free

    • GenSeekers an OnLine search; I have not tried it yet. . .

  10. Other Interesting Sites

  11. FTM = Family Tree Maker Commercial however partially free

  12. Immigration to USA

  13. Misc

  14. SurnameWeb - TURKEL

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