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Frequently Asked Questions Answers
To whom? To anyone it may concern
English language? Why? To be readable by more people
What is the objective? Compile information which helps to
learn, understand and preserve the
family history of Turkel families.
Who are Members? Members of the 'Turkel Tribe' are
individuals who are family related to
a person named Turkel, Terkel,
Tirkel etc. more
Names of Members All members are identified by their
first name followed by their
known family name, either
father's or mother's surname
How do we do it? We collect information about any
Turkel individual, living or deceased.
What do we do with
this information?
On the basis of information obtained,
we construct family trees of Turkel
individuals and their relatives.
database: on-line review What is included?
How is it organized?
What is GEDCOM?
Update? How often? update review
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What about my privacy? We strictly keep the privacy of anyone.
Is it a commercial site? This site is strictly non commercial
and non career advancement.
Please help to keep it that way.
We permit companies that collect
and sell genealogical information
to link to our trees, but not to sell it!
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October 11, 1998   revised 2023


I'm Doron Abraham Tal (derived from Tirkel / Türkel), an Israeli citizen, born 1947 in Eretz-Israel (Palestine then).  My late father, Israel-Menachem Tirkel from Trembowla and my late mother, Olga maiden Ackerman from Kopycznce, made aliyah in 1936 and 1938 respectively.  In 1969 I changed my surname to Hebrew, Tal.  Then married Ilana in 1974.  We have four lovely children, Yael, Ofir-Israel, Erez, and Lior and seven grandchildren.

On the Eve of Rosh Hashana 5758 (September 1998), I started searching internet for names, Turkel and Tirkel (among others).  Amazinlgy responses arrived within minutes.  Hence this web-site.

These pages are also YOURS.  Please help to complete them.
Any information is appreciated. 
We strictly keep the privacy of anyone.

Thank you.

Doron Tal
Doron Tal-דורון טל
May 2012



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