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Descendants` Tree of Mordechai
or The enigma of Sherry Turkle

This "flat" text file is designed for a quick review of a partial branch of the family.

First_name  Middle_name /Family_name/  birth-death   location1 > location2
*n__descendant     (n denotes number of generation)
[h] denotes a holocaust victim.
R` Rabbi   Dr. Doctor

The "enigma" of Sherry Turkle is still unresolved
This branch is likely from Tarnopol

1_ Mordechai Turkl    b:Est.1840-1860     d:Unknown
   +[g-g-mother of Sherry and Bruce Turkle] ?MAIDEN  b: Est.1840-1960  d:Unknown
   *2_ Baruch TURKL   b: 1881 in Tarnopol, Galicia     d:Unknown
       +[g-mother of Sherry and Bruce Turkle] ?MAIDEN  b: Est.1880-1910  d:Unknown
       *3_ Ruth TURKLE                 b~1905-1910 d:unknown 
       *3_ Aaron TURKLE                b~1905-1910 d:unknown
       *3_ Gertrude TURKLE             1907-2001
       *3_ Milton TURKLE               1912-1987  Brooklyn, Kings, NY
       |   +Harriet  Bonowitz
       |   |
       |   *4_ Sherry TURKLE   Professor of the Sociology of Science, MIT
       |   |
       |   *4_ Bruce Jay TURKLE
       |      +Marcia NACKENSON
	   |      |
	   |      *5Matthew TURKLE
	   |      *5Adam    TURKLE	   

            Online updated tree: RootsMagic6 tree RootsMagic6 Website Generator


The above partial descendant's tree is based on partial information provided by Sherry Turkle and intensive internet search.

Editted and Published by Doron Tal (Türkel)

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