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How do we manage our database?
in short: go with and feel without !

The majority of people upload and maintain their family trees via the internet rather than using offline software.

We believe that there are some strong reasons to keep the master genealogical research on a local computer that can be connected to and synced with collaborative genealogy services only when necessary.

As of 2006 we have used Family Tree Maker (FTM) in collaboration with Ancestry®. We enjoyed their service and technical support until 2014.
Problems started as of 2011 (ex: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

Family Tree Maker was sold out in 2016. We lost data and could not get effective support temporarily.

Then we periodically reviewed collaborative family trees displayed on MyHeritage, Geni, FTJP and Ancestry.

We found too many mistakes in Turkel family trees published on MyHeritage, Geni, Ancestry®, as well as FamilySearch Family Tree. We also found that a few Geni's Curators did not help to remove errors found on "Geni's World Family Tree".

The Support Team of MyHeritage failed to respond timely.
We had asked them to enable data transfer between
Family Tree Builder (apparently full of bugs) and
RootsMagic, which is our chosen software.

With RootsMagic we can view MyHeritage (MH) hints, but not sync or "share" them as we do using other services.

Ancestry® and FamilySearch Family Tree (in contrary to MyHeritage®) enable data exchange with RootsMagic.
However their databases do not cover yet the Jewish and Israeli existing resources that we are looking for.

As a result, we can't rely on commercial sites that have been proven to be untrustworthy, may be sold, change their policy, and/or unintentionally "destroy" our "precious legacy".

Therefore we keep this site private and independent, preserving our collection of family trees, i.e. NOT allowing edits and changes by unqualified members.

Our Complementary websites:
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  4. facebook "Turkel Tribe" group

  5. TribalPages 2004-2016

  6. The Turkel Cousins' Web Page 2008-2013 (archived)

  7. The "Turkel Tribe" Family Tree Maker 2000-2010 (archived)

  8. "Turkel Tribe" club on Yahoo Group 2002-2020 (closed)

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