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This website is devoted to the reunion of the Türkel (Türkl) families from
the Kingdom of Galicia (1772-1918) [ Austria, Czech, Poland and Ukraine ].
We conduct a genealogy research and encourage
communication among all the Türkels.
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Known surname variations - examples:
   ü umlaut
Türkel TP
Turkel TP
Türkl TP
Turkle TP
    TP Tribal Pages 
Terkel TP
Terkl/ Tergl


Tirkel TP



We believe that the following names, or a few of them are quite related, e.g.
Türkelova and Turklova (names of a Turkel's spouse); Turkelewitz;
Turkeltaub, Tirkeltaub, Terkeltaub, Tarkeltaub, (Jewish derivatives) Turkeltoiv and Tirkeltoiv; Turkler, Tirken, Tirkner, Tirko,
(Russian accent G) Turgal, Turgel, Turgl,
(Romanian accent S/C) Turshel, Turchel, Turckel, etc.

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Why is this website private?
Etymology of the name Türkel sounds TERK`L
History of East-European Jews
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 links to the largest Terkel / Tirkel / Turkel dynasties and presumptions about the relations among them Türkel Dynesties
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    Why is this website private?
    How do we manage our database?

    The majority of people are uploading family trees and
    maintaining them directly on the web, instead of using
    computer-based software for genealogy research like we
    do. Webmaster believes that there are some good arguments
    for preserving the master genealogical research solely on
    a local computer that can be connected to collaborative
    genealogy services only when needed.

    As of 2006 we have used Family Tree Maker (FTM)
    in collaboration with Ancestry®. We enjoyed their services
    and technical support until 2014. Problems started as of 2011
    (ex: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). Family Tree Maker was sold out in 2016.
    We lost data and could not get effective support temporarily.

    Then we periodically reviewed collaborative family trees
    displayed on MyHeritage, Geni, FTJP and Ancestry.

    We found too many mistakes in Turkel family trees
    published on MyHeritage, Geni, Ancestry®, as well as
    FamilySearch Family Tree. We also found that a few
    Geni's Curators did not help to remove errors found
    on "Geni's World Family Tree".

    The Support Team of MyHeritage failed to respond timely.
    We had asked them to enable data transfer between
    Family Tree Builder (apparently full of bugs) and
    RootsMagic, which is our chosen software.
    We can view MyHeritage (MH) hints, using RM, but unable
    to sync or "share" them like we do using other services.

    Ancestry® and FamilySearch Family Tree (in contrary
    to MyHeritage®
    ) enable data exchange with RootsMagic.
    However their databases do not cover yet the Jewish and
    Israeli existing resources that we are looking for.

    Consequently we can't rely on commercial sites that were
    found unreliable, may be sold, change their policies and/or
    may unintentionally "destroy" our "precious legacy".

    Therefore we keep this site private and independent,
    preserving our collection of family trees, i.e. NOT
    allowing edits and changes by unqualified members.

    Our Complementary websites:
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    3. MyHeritage Online Turkel Tribe Tree updated in a delay

    4. facebook "Turkel Tribe" group

    5. TribalPages 2004-2016

    6. The Turkel Cousins' Web Page 2008-2013 (archived)

    7. The "Turkel Tribe" Family Tree Maker 2000-2010 (archived)

    8. "Turkel Tribe" club on Yahoo Group 2002-2020 (closed)

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    in memory of my father Israel Menachem Türkel
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