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What does the 'Turkel Tribe' database include?

The 'Turkel Tribe' database includes basic information about individuals who are family related to a person named Türkel, Turkel, Terkel, Tirkel etc.  Basic information includes: full name, DOB, marriage, death, children and any story or personal detail that is willingly provided by a first degree family member, or can be found via internet using search services abiding international and local laws.  A "relevant" family relationship to a Turkel clan is considered when a person is a descendant of Turkel individual at least three generations, or related by marriage with a Turkel individual at least two "horizontal" links away (ex. nephew or niece by marriage).  Unlimited number of generations are considered for ancestors of spouses.  Whenever willingly provided by close family members, we would consider more distant family relationships.

Adoptions and Half Brothers

connection with adoptions are included on these trees as well as half brothers if the names are willingly provided.

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Anyone interested may provide family information if related to the Turkels. 

Our policy regarding persons who are not named Turkel, is to include anyone who is related al least three generations vertically (away from a Turkel individual) and at least two horizontal links away.  However, such relationships could not be displayed on our "enigma" STATIC pages, but could be displayed on our satellite sites.

The most updated site is RootsMagicRootsMagic Website Generator 2024

An older satellite site is Tribal Pages with special features; password is required because these pages include pictures, dates and additional information about living individuals updated 8/2016

On this website you may refer to the older pages:

  • Name index, or the Dynamic Turkel Dynamic Turkel Family Tree Family Trees lastly updated in 2014.

  • The largest dynesties lastly updated 2023
  • We have no proof that all the Turkels on this site are family related, and this is The Sting.
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    Access to GEDCPM file

    To avoid abuse of information, the GEDCOM file has been removed from public access.  You may request it by e-mail.

    A word of caution about Errors:

    There may be a duplication of an individual's name if there is an insufficient evidence showing the same person had two or more, exact or similar names.  It could be that we had improperly merged different individulas having the same name and thus consider them as one person.  Corrective actions have been taken, but we can't guarantee that all such improper merges are corrected by now.  Spelling is initially considered as written within the oldest reference.  However, we have already observed that a name of the same person could have been written differently within different records and occasionally we amend the spelling to reflect the latest known record about an individual.

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