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  4. reviewing a links to the largest Terkel / Tirkel / Turkel dynesties and presumptions about the relations among themTurkel branch, ( with links to known Turkel Dynesties ),
    Obsolete projects, preserving historic mistakes and inaccuracies:
  6. A static list of all the names sorted by surname and then by first name,
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Known Turkel Dynesties24 ''enigma'' trees
Currently, we perform a research focusing on
"unrelated" (yet) Turkel branches,
each begins with the earliest known ancestor.
We know about more branches and individuals
that are not shown within these "enigma pages".
Use the search features above
or the search page to find those individuals
who do not appear on the dynesty trees.
If you have a relevant information
not mentioned on this website,
or wish to make a correction,
please e-mail webmaster.

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