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Israeli Supreme Court Justice, Jacob Turkel

Judge Jacob Turkel
Hebrew review
Hon. Judge Jacob Turkel (sounds: Yaacov Tirkel) was born (1935) in Tel-Aviv to a Zionist family.  His parents made aliya (1933) from Vienna.  His family branch is Israel-Menachem Alter Turk'l.
Recently, Justice Yaacov Tirkel gave an interview to the lawyer Ilan Bombach, who wrote a Hebrew article in the Tel-Aviv Bar Bulletin, "Haglima".  Herein you may view all its 9 pages.

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Retired Justice Türkel Jacob has received honorary degree from Ben Gurion Univ. Hebrew; new window
Justice Turkel appointed Chairman of the Commission for Designation for the Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem

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