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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with W

    Waldemar TURKEL (Private)
    Waleria TUERKEL (1902-est.1942-1943)
    Warren RUTT (Private)
    Warren SCNEIDER (Private)
    Wendy ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Wilhelm (Zeev) JAKUBOWICZ (est.1910-1977)
    Willam Jay REICH (Private)
    Willhelm TURKEL (26 Mar 1847 - unknown)
    William COHEN (est.1900-1915 - unknown)
    William ENNIS (Private)
    William KNOPICK (Private)
    William TIRKLE (est.1730-1820-est.1820-1900)
    William TURKEL (11 Aug 1884-29 Apr 1969)
    William TURKEL (22 Feb 1879-11 Sep 1930)
    William TURKEL (Private)
    William TURKEL (Private)
    William TURKLE (Private)
    William Beryl TURKEL (Private)
    William Carl SCHWARTZMAN-SAND (Private)
    William Charles TURKEL (Private)
    William Henry TURKEL (Private)
    William Howard GRADIS (Private)
    William Joseph TURKEL (Private)
    William Perry TURKLE (23 Nov 1884-Jan 1984)
    Witczy MAGER (est.1835-1855 - unknown)
    Wolf ALTMAN (est.1830-1855-est.1874-1950)
    Wolf GENSER (1877 - unknown)
    Wolf KAMINKER (1873-1919)
    Wolf KAMINKER (1896 - unknown)
    Wolf SCHONBERG (est.1845-1865 - unknown)
    Wolf TURKEL (1877 - unknown)
    Wolf TURKEL (1893-est.1942)
    Wolf TYRKEL (1920-1942)
    Wolf (or Nolf) TURKEL (est.1876 - unknown)
    Wolf Ber SPRINGER (est.1785-1800 - unknown)
    Wulf TROKEL (est.1828 - unknown)

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