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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons unknown first-names

    [ Wiktor child] TIRKEL (Private)
    [1st child of Abraham] TERKEL (est.1900-1930-1943)
    [1st child of Berl & Frada] TERKEL (AFT. 1913-est.1942)
    [1st child of Harry] TURKEL (Private)
    [1st child of Harry] TURKEL (Private)
    [1st child of Ignacy] TIRKEL (Private)
    [1st child of Leah Tyrkel] ? (Private)
    [1st child of Zygmund] TURKEL (est.1900 - unknown)
    [1st daughter of Abe] TYRKEL (Private)
    [1st husband of Sonia Morgenstern] ? (est.1855-1870 - unknown)
    [1st of twin sisters] TURKEL (AFT. 1884 - unknown)
    [1st son of Be-Zion] KAMINKER (est.1894-1898 - unknown)
    [1st son of Millie Turkel] SCHATTNER (Private)
    [1st son of Shmuel] TURKEL (est.1860-1890 - unknown)
    [2nd child of Abraham] TERKEL (est.1900-1930-1943)
    [2nd child of Ben] TURKEL (Private)
    [2nd child of Berl & Frada] TERKEL (AFT. 1914-est.1942)
    [2nd child of Harry] TURKEL (Private)
    [2nd child of Harry] TURKEL (Private)
    [2nd child of Henry William] TURKEL (Private)
    [2nd child of Leah Tyrkel] ? (Private)
    [2nd child of Mordechai] TERKEL (est.1900-1930-est.1942-1943)
    [2nd child of Shaul] TURKEL (Private)
    [2nd child of Zygmund] TURKEL (est.1900 - unknown)
    [2nd daughter of Abe] TYRKEL (Private)
    [2nd of twin sisters] TURKEL (AFT. 1884 - unknown)
    [2nd son of Be-Zion] KAMINKER (est.1895-1899 - unknown)
    [2nd son of Max] ZELTZER (Private)
    [2nd son of Millie Turkel] SCHATTNER (Private)
    [2nd son of Shmuel] TURKEL (est.1860-1890 - unknown)
    [2nd wife of Israel Menachem Turkl] ?MAIDEN (est.1839-1843 - unknown)
    [3rd child Leah Tyrkel] ? (Private)
    [3rd child of Abraham] TERKEL (est.1900-1930-1943)
    [3rd child of Berl & Frada] TERKEL (AFT. 1915-est.1942)
    [3rd child of Harry] TURKEL (Private)
    [3rd child of Harry] TURKEL (Private)
    [3rd child of Mordechai] TERKEL (est.1900-1930-est.1942-1943)
    [3rd child of Zygmund] TURKEL (est.1900 - unknown)
    [3rd son of Max] ZELTZER (Private)
    [4th child of Abraham] TERKEL (est.1900-1930-1943)
    [4th child of Berl & Frada] TERKEL (AFT. 1916-est.1942)
    [4th child of Harry] TURKEL (Private)
    [4th child of Mordechai] TERKEL (est.1900-1930-1942)
    [4th child of Mottle & Lena] TURKEL (Private)
    [4th daughter of Ben-Zion] KAMINKER (Private)
    [4th son of Max] ZELTZER (Private)
    [5 children of Bessie Turkel] ? (Private)
    [5th child of Mottle & Lena] TURKEL (Private)
    [5th daughter of Ben-Zion] KAMINKER (Private)
    [6th daughter of Ben-Zion] KAMINKER (Private)
    [Abraham T's wife] ?MAIDEN (est.1860-1880-est.1943)
    [Adam and Lusia child] TERKEL (est.1917-1930-1942)
    [Ber&Dina 7th child] TERKEL (Private)
    [Cathhy T 3rd child] FEINBERG (Private)
    [Channa Turkel & Moshe 1st child] GELERANTER (est.1921-1937-est.1942)
    [Channa Turkel & Moshe 2nd child] GELERANTER (est.1922-1940-est.1942)
    [Charles and Sophie 1st son] ZOREF (Private)
    [Charles and Sophie 2nd son] ZOREF (Private)
    [Elaine T son] ? (Private)
    [Ester Turkel 1st child] WEIDENFELD (est.1916-1926-1942)
    [Ester Turkel 2nd child] WEIDENFELD (est.1917-1927-1942)
    [Ester Turkel 3rd child] WEIDENFELD (est.1918-1928-1942)
    [Ester Turkel 4th child] WEIDENFELD (est.1919-1929-1942)
    [Ester Turkel 5th child] WEIDENFELD (est.1920-1930-1942)
    [Ester Turkel 6th child] WEIDENFELD (est.1921-1931-1942)
    [Ester Turkel 7th child] WEIDENFELD (est.1922-1932-1942)
    [Etka & Mordechai child] TIRKEL (est.1920-1941-est.1942)
    [Feigele Turkel child] FRANKEL (est.1930-1940-est.1941-1943)
    [Heidi's husband] TROESTER (Private)
    [Lazar T child] TIRKEL (est.1907-1930-est.1942-1943)
    [Lisa 3 brothers] FERG (Private)
    [Liselotte's father] FURTNER (Private)
    [Mara child] TERKEL (est.1935-1942-1942)
    [Miriam's husband] TERKEL (est.1840-1850 - unknown)
    [Mundek and Chaya child] TERKEL (Private)
    [Perla T K 1st child] KORNITZER (est.1921-1936-1942)
    [Perla T K 2nd child] KORNITZER (Private)
    [Perla T K 3rd child] KORNITZER (Private)
    [Shaul 1st child] TYRKEL (Private)
    [Shaul 2nd child] TYRKEL (Private)
    [Shaul 3rd child] TYRKEL (Private)
    [Shlomo D 6th child] DZIEGANSKI (est.1880-1885 - unknown)
    [Shlomo D 7th child] DZIEGANSKI (est.1881-1894 - unknown)
    [Shlomo D 8th child] DZIEGANSKI (est.1882-1897 - unknown)
    [Shlomo D 9th child] DZIEGANSKI (est.1883-1900 - unknown)
    [Tanwel 1st child] TYRKEL (Private)
    [Tanwel 2nd child] TYRKEL (Private)
    [Vera's husband] TURKLE (est.1900 - unknown)
    [Waleria's sister] TUERKEL (Private)
    [Yetti Turkel's 6 children] FRANKEL (est.1925-1939-1942)
    [brother of Jennie] MOZER (Private)
    [brother of Leah] FINETUCH (Private)
    [brother of Natan] TURKEL (est.1890-1900 - unknown)
    [brother of Rishka] BLAICHER (Private)
    [brother of Steven] TESSER (Private)
    [brother-in-law of Joseph Lewkowski] ? (est.1903 - unknown)
    [brother] MARMOR SHARF (AFT. 1880 - unknown)
    [brother] ZAJFMAN (est.1866 - unknown)
    [child of Buncha Turkel] ? (est.1930-1940-est.1942)
    [child of Hela Turkel] ? (Private)
    [child of Jerry] TURKEL (Private)
    [child of Moshe] TURKEL (est.1920-1940-est.1941-1943)
    [child of Nathan] TURKEL (Private)
    [chldren of Shabtai & Ester] TURKEL (est.1928-1982-1942)
    [daugher of Milton] TURKEL (Private)
    [daughter of Efrain and Raya] MARINBERG (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    [daughter of Gittel Turkel] SCHWARTZ (est.1920-1930-est.1941-1943)
    [daughter of Shlomo] KAHANE (Private)
    [daughter of Zeev] TIRKEL (est.1930-1942-1943)
    [daughter] TERZULOV-TUREI ZAHAV (Private)
    [daughter] TIERKEL (Private)
    [father of MORRIS , Jack, Elix & Joseph] Turkel (est.1848-1868 - unknown)
    [father of SHLOMCHIE , Isaak and Netanel] ? (est.1850-1870-est.1895-1940)
    [father of Adela] MELTZER (Private)
    [father of Alfred M] TURKEL (est.1890-1910 - unknown)
    [father of Briana] TURKEL (Private)
    [father of Chaim and Mila] TURKEL (est.1883 - unknown)
    [father of Craig] TURKEL (Private)
    [father of Elizabeth] TURKEL (Private)
    [father of Ester and Nesia] FRIEDMAN (est.1860 - unknown)
    [father of Ethel] BLUMENTHAL (est.1870-1885 - unknown)
    [father of Eunices] VANDERMARK (est.1865-1880 - unknown)
    [father of Gusta] TURKEL (est.1835-1866 - unknown)
    [father of H.] ROSEN (Private)
    [father of Howard] TURKEL (Private)
    [father of Israel] LEITER (Private)
    [father of Jacob and Fata Yuhr] TURKEL (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    [father of Jacob] BARTMAN (Private)
    [father of Jacob] TURKEL (est.1780-1803 - unknown)
    [father of Judi] TURKEL (Private)
    [father of Julie] TURKEL (Private)
    [father of Ken] OPIN (Private)
    [father of Leib] CHERANSKI (est.1890 - unknown)
    [father of Liane] BARNETT (Private)
    [father of Lili & Richard] TUERKEL (est.1895 - unknown)
    [father of Liselotte] ROTHAMMER (Private)
    [father of Lonia] TURKEL (est.1871-1892 - unknown)
    [father of Maida] DACHER (Private)
    [father of Marek & Genia] TURKEL (est.1873-1894 - unknown)
    [father of Mariem] ? (est.1855-1875-AFT. 1895)
    [father of Martha] BARAKIN (est.1835-1855 - unknown)
    [father of Moshe Yair & Nusia] TERKEL (est.1895-1900-1942)
    [father of Mundek] TURKEL (est.1872-1893 - unknown)
    [father of Nahum] BERENSTEIN (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    [father of Naum] BERNSTEIN (est.1890-1895 - unknown)
    [father of Paula] STOHS (est.1850-1860 - unknown)
    [father of Pauline-Celia-Isadore] TURKEL (est.1840-1855 - unknown)
    [father of Philip] TURKEL (est.1865-1885 - unknown)
    [father of Ralph T] GOLDBERG (est.1850-1865-est.1900)
    [father of Rudolf] TURKEL (est.1960-est.1909)
    [father of Ryan] TURKEL (Private)
    [father of Sarah B and Ester] TURKEL (est.1820-1850 - unknown)
    [father of Sheine Channa?] YUDELEVITCH (est.1800-1817 - unknown)
    [father of Shlomo Hirsh & Yankle] TURKEL (est.1850 - unknown)
    [father of Steven D] TURKEL (Private)
    [father of Susan Beth] TURKEL (Private)
    [father of Tova] PINELES (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    [father of Valtr] TURKEL (est.1850 - unknown)
    [father of Yacob & Sam] TURKEL (est.1840-1853 - unknown)
    [father of Zlatia & Mordechai] TURNER (est.1820-1850-est.1851-1900)
    [father of gila] LEITER (Private)
    [father of twins Chaya & Sarah] TERKEL (est.1843-AFT. 1963)
    [four? childern of David] TIRKEL (Private)
    [g-father of Gusta] TURKEL (est.1805-1845 - unknown)
    [g-g-father of Andrew] TURKEL (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    [g-g-mother of Andrew] FRIEDLANDER (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    [g-mother Gusta Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1805-1845 - unknown)
    [g-mother of Eric S] ?MAIDEN (est.1900 - unknown)
    [g-mother of Ken Opin] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [g-mother of Sherry Turkle] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [grandfather of Maida] DACHER (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    [grandmother of Judy Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [huband of Hela Turkel] ? (Private)
    [huband of Paula] TURKEL (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    [husband of Ada] SCHWARTZ (Private)
    [husband of Ann Turkel] SCHENER (Private)
    [husband of Barbara] HOOS (Private)
    [husband of Bertha Strick] ABZUG (est.1875-1900 - unknown)
    [husband of Braine Terkel] GLUBERMAN (Private)
    [husband of Bronia T] LANDAU (est.1900-1910-est.1942)
    [husband of Buncha Turkel] ? (est.1910-est.1942)
    [husband of Carol T] BARNES (Private)
    [husband of Channa Morgenshtern] ? (est.1830-1840 - unknown)
    [husband of Channa] WAGNER (Private)
    [husband of Clara T] WALLACH (15 Jan 1877-1 Feb 1957)
    [husband of Clara] TURKEL (est.1880-1890 - unknown)
    [husband of Dora K] FELLER (Private)
    [husband of Dora Turkel] ? (est.1872-1894 - unknown)
    [husband of Dorothy Turkel] MILLER (Private)
    [husband of Dorothy] TURKEL (est.1895-1910 - unknown)
    [husband of Elaine] TURKEL (Private)
    [husband of Ester Nussenbaum] PANN (est.1868-1885 - unknown)
    [husband of Eunice] TURKEL (est.1900 - unknown)
    [husband of Eylene Miller] ? (Private)
    [husband of Feige Turkel] FRANKEL (est.1908-1910-est.1943)
    [husband of Flora Deutsch] TUERKEL (est.1885 - unknown)
    [husband of Fran] LACAS (Private)
    [husband of Frances T] KOHN (est.1900 - unknown)
    [husband of Gail Goldsmith] ZUCKER (Private)
    [husband of Gittel Frida] GENSER (est.1800-1860-est.1850-1900)
    [husband of Haviva] GANTZ (Private)
    [husband of Helena Ludwig] SCHOTT (est.1871-AFT. 1889)
    [husband of Idit Rafaeli] ? (Private)
    [husband of Joan Rehfeld] BRODSKY (Private)
    [husband of Karen] ROSENTHAL (Private)
    [husband of Laura] CHACONA (Private)
    [husband of Leah T] ? (Private)
    [husband of Linda T] STOKES (Private)
    [husband of Liselotte] TERKEL (Private)
    [husband of Lonia Turkel] ? (Private)
    [husband of Mara Turkel] GORDON (Private)
    [husband of Mara] TERKEL (Private)
    [husband of Marianne] KOCK (Private)
    [husband of Marion T] TURKENKOFF (est.1900 - unknown)
    [husband of Marylene Miller] ? (Private)
    [husband of Muriel Turkel] KAUFER (Private)
    [husband of Muriel Turkel] KREFSKY (Private)
    [husband of Nitza Rafaeli] ? (Private)
    [husband of Pauline Turkel] GERBER (est.1895-1905 - unknown)
    [husband of Rosa Turkel] HELFELD SCHALLER (Private)
    [husband of Rose T] LEVINSON (Private)
    [husband of Ruth T] WOLOSOFF (Private)
    [husband of Ruth] COHEN (Private)
    [husband of Ruth] TERKEL (Private)
    [husband of Sarah T] BOREK? (est.1890-1906 - unknown)
    [husband of Sarah Turkel] FRANK (est.1905 - unknown)
    [husband of Selma] LEIDNER (Private)
    [husband of Shari Rosenfeld] MORDHORST (Private)
    [husband of Shelly Ellis] TURKEL (Private)
    [husband of Sherry Turkel] KLEIGMAN (Private)
    [husband of Shoshana Turkel] WINGARTEN (Private)
    [husband of Shulamit] LEWINSOHN (Private)
    [husband of Sofia] RACHKOWSIKA (Private)
    [husband of Sophie G] FEININGER (est.1900-1920 - unknown)
    [husband of Sophie Schapira] ROSENBERG (est.1862-1891 - unknown)
    [husband of Sosia Turkel] RUBIN (est.1870 - unknown)
    [husband of Susanne Miller] KOWAL (Private)
    [husband of Suzan Miller] ? (Private)
    [husband of Toby Turkel] TESSER (Private)
    [husband of Waleria's sister Tuerkel] ? (Private)
    [husband of Yafa] ELISHEVA (Private)
    [husband of Yetta Baila] GUTSTEIN (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    [husband of Yetty Genser] GOLDSTEIN (Private)
    [husband of Zoshia] KLEIN (est.1905-1910-est.1942)
    [husbane of Aviva] KAMINETZKY (Private)
    [husbant of Ethel] TURKEL (est.1895-1910 - unknown)
    [husnabd of Barbara Silver] ? (Private)
    [husnband of Gail Turkel] LUBETSKY (Private)
    [infant] KAMINKER (1883-1883)
    [mather of Karen Rothaus] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mothe of Christoph Stanger] BAUMINGER (Private)
    [mother mother of Virginia] GRAVES (est.1860-1885 - unknown)
    [mother of Abe Tyrkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of Abraham Terkel] MEYERS (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    [mother of Alfred T] BLUMENTH (Private)
    [mother of Alfred Turkel] BLUMENTH (Private)
    [mother of B-the-C & Sam?] ?MAIDEN (est.1810-1833-est.1865-1900)
    [mother of Benjamin Sol Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1875 - unknown)
    [mother of Chaim and Mila] ?MAIDEN (est.1884 - unknown)
    [mother of Chris Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of Claire Hasse] DOHRETY (est.1865-1887 - unknown)
    [mother of Clara and Michael Vingarten] ?MAIDEN (est.1870-1884 - unknown)
    [mother of Craig Turkel] CACCIATO (Private)
    [mother of Debora Rubenstein] ?MAIDEN (est.1830-1867 - unknown)
    [mother of Dorothy Goldberg] LAPIDUS (est.1880-1890 - unknown)
    [mother of Elizabeth T] ETZENHOU (Private)
    [mother of Emil] TURKEL (Private)
    [mother of Eric Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of Ester and Nesia] ?MAIDEN (est.1860 - unknown)
    [mother of Ethel] MARKS (est.1870-1885 - unknown)
    [mother of Eunices] KREIGER (est.1865-1880 - unknown)
    [mother of Git`l Backenrot] ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1868 - unknown)
    [mother of Gusta Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1835-1868 - unknown)
    [mother of Howards Turkel] WOLF (Private)
    [mother of Israel Menachem Alter Turkl] ?MAIDEN (est.1795-1812-est.1830-1875)
    [mother of Jacob Bartman] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of Joseph Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of Judi] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of Julie Turkel] FREEDMAN (Private)
    [mother of Katherine Turke] HEDBAVNY (Private)
    [mother of Ken Opin] BARTMAN (Private)
    [mother of Leah Weidenfeld] ?MAIDEN (est.1836-1891 - unknown)
    [mother of Lee Turkel] WETBERG (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    [mother of Lian Barnet] GREENBERG (Private)
    [mother of Lonia] ?MAIDEN (est.1871-1892 - unknown)
    [mother of Marek and Genia] ?MAIDEN (est.1875-1895 - unknown)
    [mother of Meir Tirkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1830-1842 - unknown)
    [mother of Moshe Morris T] ?MAIDEN (est.1860-1890 - unknown)
    [mother of Mundek T] ?MAIDEN (est.1875-1895 - unknown)
    [mother of Muriel Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1900 - unknown)
    [mother of Nahum Berenstein] TURKEL (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    [mother of Paula Stohs] WINDSOR (est.1850-1860 - unknown)
    [mother of Pauline Celia Isadore Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1840-1855 - unknown)
    [mother of Philip Turkel] FEDERMAN (est.1865-1885 - unknown)
    [mother of Philipp Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1820 - unknown)
    [mother of Rebecca] PARNESS (est.1870-1885 - unknown)
    [mother of Robin and Marcee Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of Ruchel Baile] SEIFSTEIN (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    [mother of Ryan Turkel] HORNQUIST (Private)
    [mother of Scott] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of Sheine Channa Yudelevitch] ?MAIDEN (est.1800-1817 - unknown)
    [mother of Sherry Turkle] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of Shlomo Hirsh & Yankle] ?MAIDEN (est.1850 - unknown)
    [mother of Sofia] STERNBERG (Private)
    [mother of Srul Ber Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    [mother of Steven D Turkel] FRIEDMAN (Private)
    [mother of Susan Beth Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of Taylor Terkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [mother of William Joseph T] AYRES (Private)
    [mother of Wolf] ?MAIDEN (est.1865-1875 - unknown)
    [mother of Yacob & Sam Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1840-1855 - unknown)
    [mother of Zlatia & Mordechai Turner] ?MAIDEN (est.1820-1850-est.1851-1900)
    [mother of twins Chaya & Sarah T] ?MAIDEN (est.1843-AFT. 1963)
    [other siblings Holocaust] TURKEL (Private)
    [second wife of Ronald Schneider] YOUNG (Private)
    [sister of Ishaia Aizik] TURKEL (est.1890-1895 - unknown)
    [sister of Joseph] LEWKOWSKI (Private)
    [sister of Nurit] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [sister of Shlomo Solomon] TURKEL (Private)
    [sister of Sigmund Srul Sophie] MARMOR (Private)
    [sister of Simcha] DZIEGANSKI (Private)
    [sister of Srul Ber] TURKEL (est.1890 - unknown)
    [sister-in-law of Leah Faintuch] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [son of Binyamin] TERKEL (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    [son of Nachman] TURKEL (est.1873-1895 - unknown)
    [son-in-law of Abe Tyrkel] ? (Private)
    [son-in-law of Abe Tyrkel] ? (Private)
    [step father of Katherine] KISLITZIN (est.1935-Jun 1995)
    [stillborn] HALPERN (1888 - unknown)
    [stillborn] SCHAPIRA (1879-1879)
    [twin-of-Israel Menachem] TIRKEL (14 Oct 1909-est.OCT 1909)
    [unknown?] ERLICH (est.1874-1887-est.1941-1943)
    [unknown?] FIELD (Private)
    [unknown?] LURIA (Private)
    [unknown?] SCHWARTZ (est.1895-1905 - unknown)
    [wife 1st of Zeev T] ?MAIDEN (est.1911-est.1943)
    [wife of Abe Tyrkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Abraham Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1870-1888 - unknown)
    [wife of Abraham Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1870-1890 - unknown)
    [wife of Adam Dzieganski] ?MAIDEN (est.1879-1888 - unknown)
    [wife of Ben Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Benjamin Sol T] ?MAIDEN (est.1890-1900 - unknown)
    [wife of Benjamin Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1900 - unknown)
    [wife of Berl Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1835-1866 - unknown)
    [wife of Bernard Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1870 - unknown)
    [wife of Binyamin Terkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1830-1860 - unknown)
    [wife of Bruce Silverstein] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Chatzkil Terkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1866 - unknown)
    [wife of David Silver] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of David Tirkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of David Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    [wife of Dr. Bernard T] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Eric Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Floyd T] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Harold (Harry) Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Harry Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Ignacy T] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Ilan Ris] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Israel T] ?MAIDEN (est.1880 - unknown)
    [wife of Itzhak Nussenbaum] SCHWADRON (est.1850-1851 - unknown)
    [wife of Jacob Gutstein] ?MAIDEN (est.1870 - unknown)
    [wife of Jonathan T] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Joseph Tierkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1890-1900 - unknown)
    [wife of Joseph Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Lazar T] ?MAIDEN (est.1890 - unknown)
    [wife of Lenard Miller] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Max Zeltzer] ?MAIDEN (est.1883 - unknown)
    [wife of Milton T] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Moshe T] ?MAIDEN (est.1900-1906-est.1943)
    [wife of Nachman Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1860 - unknown)
    [wife of Nathan Falk] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Ori Tirkel Ishai] HARELI (Private)
    [wife of Randy T] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Samual T] ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1865-est.2 NOV 1913)
    [wife of Shaul T] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Shimon Turkel] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Shlomo Hirsh T] ?MAIDEN (est.1867 - unknown)
    [wife of Shnuel Ackerman] ?MAIDEN (est.1890 - unknown)
    [wife of Tanwel T] ?MAIDEN (est.1900 - unknown)
    [wife of Velvele Morgenshtern] ?MAIDEN (est.1861-1875 - unknown)
    [wife of Wiktor T] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of Yehuda-Leib Nussenbaum] ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1855 - unknown)
    [wife of isadore Turkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1876-1890 - unknown)
    [wife of marshall T] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    [wife of martin Silver] ?MAIDEN (Private)
    ? BEHM (Private)
    ? FRAUNUENGLASS (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    ? GAFNI (Private)
    ? HORNQUIST (Private)
    ? LANDAU (Private)
    ? NEMET (Private)
    ? PODHORZER (est.1810-1835 - unknown)
    ? TROYER (Private)
    ? TURKEL (Private)

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