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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with T

    Taeer TIRKEL (Private)
    Tal CHADASH (Private)
    Tal RONEN (Private)
    Tal TIRKEL (Private)
    Tal YARKONI (Private)
    Tali BEN-YOSEF (Private)
    Tali DAGAN (Private)
    Talia LAVIN (Private)
    Talia MANDELBROTH (Private)
    Talila ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Taly MARINBERG (Private)
    Tamar ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Tamar ISHAI (Private)
    Tamar TURKEL (Private)
    Tamara DESTON (Private)
    Tamara Lyn ARCHER (Private)
    Tanwel TYRKEL (1900-1942)
    Tauba CELNIK (Private)
    Tauba ZEIDMAN (1877 - unknown)
    Tauba Chava ORENSTEIN (est.1835-1857 - unknown)
    Taube Dine KASTEN (1879 - unknown)
    Taylor TERKEL (Private)
    Tehila ALTER (Private)
    Teibale ? (Private)
    Terkiel JOZEF (May 1905-2 Feb 1983)
    Terkiel SZEON (UNKNOWN - unknown)
    Terkiel Tzvi (Cwi Zeub) ZEEV (UNKNOWN - unknown)
    Terrence FULLEM (Private)
    Terri SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Terry KALLICK (Private)
    Thelma DANIEL (Private)
    Thelma (Thelly) FREDRICK (Private)
    Theme LUNGE (1880 - unknown)
    Theodore MOUCHLY (1915-1965)
    Theodore TUERKEL (5 May 1908-29 Mar 1998)
    Thomas TURKEL (Private)
    Thomas Swain ELLIS (Private)
    Thornton TURKEL (est.1860 - unknown)
    Tillie TURKEL (est.1880-1895 - unknown)
    Tim ECKERT (Private)
    Tinia MORGENSTERN (est.1901-1904-AFT. 1974)
    Toba Perla TURKEL (1885 - unknown)
    Tobi TURKEL (est.1878-1888 - unknown)
    Toby ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Toby TURKEL (Private)
    Tom CRIPPS (Private)
    Tom TERKEL (Private)
    Tomer ? (Private)
    Tomer LEICHTER (Private)
    Tomer SHWARTZ (Private)
    Tomer YAHAV (Private)
    Tomsen TURKEL (est.1870 - unknown)
    Tonka ALTBERG (est.1925-1935-est.1941-1943)
    Tony TURKEL (Private)
    Tova DIAMANT (Private)
    Tova PINELES (29 Nov 1889-25 Jan 1969)
    Tova TURKEL (Private)
    Trevor BEHNER (Private)
    Trude KIRCHHAUSEN (Private)
    Trudy L TURKEL (14 Aug 1937-15 Feb 1994)
    Turkel GARY (30 Aug 1940-19 Sep 1998)
    Turkel NATAN (UNKNOWN-est.1942-1943)
    Turkel SEYMOUR (est.1910-8 Apr 1994)
    Tuvia SHTEIN (est.1928-est.1948-1970)
    Tuvia WEIDHOPF (est.1850-1865 - unknown)
    Tyler TURKEL (Private)
    Tzafit TIRKEL (Private)
    Tzila ACKERMAN (1898-est.1942)
    Tzila LEICHTER (Private)
    Tzila MORGENSTERN (est.1900-AFT. 1974)
    Tzila NE'EMAN (Private)
    Tzipora Fiege LIBERMAN (1901-est.1942-1943)
    Tzipora Zelda ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1872-est.1912)
    Tzippa PAPIER (1912-est.1942)
    Tzirl ?MAIDEN (est.1860-1875 - unknown)
    Tzirl Tzila Bilha TURKEL (est.1869-1900 - unknown)
    Tzivia ?MAIDEN (est.1860-1875 - unknown)
    Tzvi ? (Private)
    Tzvi ROSMAN (Private)
    Tzvi (Hesio) LEITER (Rabbi) (1907-est.1941-1943)
    Tzvi Hersh ACKERMAN (est.1855-1865-1921)
    Tzvi Hersh TIRKEL (1885-est.1942-1943)
    Tzvi Hersh TURKEL (AFT. 1872-est.1943)
    Tzvia MIGDAN (Private)

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