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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with S

    Sabina ?MAIDEN (1897-1942)
    Sabina ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Sabina ?MAIDEN (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    Sabri (Turkell) ?MAIDEN (1 Jul 1901-Jan 1976)
    Sadie ?MAIDEN (est.1880-1945 - unknown)
    Sadie TRICKEL (Private)
    Sadie ZONIS (est.1880-1953)
    Sala KALINSKY (1898-1961)
    Salko ROZENTZWEIG (est.1912-1934)
    Sally COHEN (Private)
    Sally TURKEL (6 Jan 1894-Mar 1977)
    Sally Marie GRADIS (Private)
    Salman Hirsch GROSS (est.1840-1860-est.1882-1950)
    Salomon ? (1892 - unknown)
    Salomon DACHER (Private)
    Salomon GENSER (1887 - unknown)
    Salomon TERKEL (1883 - unknown)
    Salomon TERKEL (est.1892-est.1942-1943)
    Salomon TURKEL (est.1883 - unknown)
    Salomon TURKEL (est.1888 - unknown)
    Salomon WEISER (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Salomon Abraham KASTEN (1876 - unknown)
    Salomon Hersch GENSER (1884 - unknown)
    Salomon Hersh GENSER (1881 - unknown)
    Salomon Mendel (Samuel) TURKEL (16 Apr 1886-29 May 1956)
    Sam BARER (est.1879-1889 - unknown)
    Sam PARIS (est.1880-1895 - unknown)
    Sam SCHNEIDER (est.1878-1898 - unknown)
    Sam TURKEL (1898-est.1970-1974)
    Sam TURKEL (Dec 1888-Feb 1971)
    Sam TURKEL (est.1865-1870 - unknown)
    Sam WINNICK (est.1825-1847 - unknown)
    Sam (Shmuel) TURKEL (18 Dec 1888-May 1974)
    Sam A TURKEL (Private)
    Sam? JAEGER (est.1885-1905 - unknown)
    Samantha GILL (Private)
    Samantha Erin TURKEL (Private)
    Sammy KESSLER (Private)
    Samuel MARCUS (est.1825-1845 - unknown)
    Samuel MEYERS (22 Sep 1898-18 Aug 1981)
    Samuel NEUMANN (est.1835-1857 - unknown)
    Samuel SCHOEN (est.1880-1895 - unknown)
    Samuel SCHROTT (1866-4 Dec 1953)
    Samuel TERKEL (est.1867-AFT. 1939)
    Samuel TROKEL (Dec 1888 - unknown)
    Samuel TURKEL (16 Jun 1853-2 Nov 1913)
    Samuel TURKEL (1899 - unknown)
    Samuel TURKEL (1915-1971)
    Samuel TURKEL (20 Oct 1907-Feb 1981)
    Samuel TURKEL (8 Apr 1895-31 Oct 1987)
    Samuel TURKEL (May 1875 - unknown)
    Samuel TURKEL (Private)
    Samuel TURKEL (est.1810-1824)
    Samuel TURKEL (est.1845-1864 - unknown)
    Samuel TURKEL (est.1860-AFT. 1909)
    Samuel (Sam) TURKEL (1893 - unknown)
    Samuel (Shmuel Szmul) TORKIEL (est.1790-1805 - unknown)
    Samuel (Shmuel) ACKERMAN (Private)
    Samuel (Shmuel) ACKERMAN (est.1887-1894 - unknown)
    Samuel (Shmuel) ANDERMAN (Private)
    Samuel (Shmuel) BORENSTEIN (est.1875-1886 - unknown)
    Samuel (Shmuel) DOBOVI-SHTEIN (AFT. 1890 - unknown)
    Samuel (Shmuel) KALINSKY (1907-1932)
    Samuel (Shmuel) LAJCHTER (1882-23 Aug 1942)
    Samuel (Shmuel) NUSSENBAUM (est.1844-1847 - unknown)
    Samuel (Shmuel) REISER (Private)
    Samuel (Shmuel) RUBENSTEIN (Rabbi) (est.1830-1867 - unknown)
    Samuel (Shmuel) SHWARTZ (Private)
    Samuel (Shmuel) TERKEL (1850-est.1876-1940)
    Samuel (Shmuel) TURKEL (1880-6 Oct 1936)
    Samuel (Shmuel) TURKEL (1881-1942)
    Samuel (Shmuel) TURKEL (1912-est.1942)
    Samuel (Shmuel) TURKEL (30 Sep 1888-Feb 1971)
    Samuel (Shmuel) TURKEL (Private)
    Samuel (Shmuel) TURKEL (est.1810-1835-est.1853-1900)
    Samuel (Shmuel) TURKEL (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Samuel (Shmuel) ZAJFMAN (est.1865-est.1914-1918)
    Samuel (Shmuel) Leib TURKEL (est.1917-1922-1943)
    Samuel (Shmuel) Leib TURKEL? (1893 - unknown)
    Samuel (Shmuel) Stasio TURKEL (est.1882-1900-1974)
    Samuel (Shmuel-Shmelke) KORNITZER (est.1900-1910-1942)
    Samuel (Shmuel-Shmil) LINDERMAN (est.1905-1915-est.1942)
    Samuel (Shmuel-Shmulke) HOROVITZ (est.1905-1910 - unknown)
    Samuel Jacob TERKEL (est.1840-1860-est.1882-1940)
    Samuel Jozef (Shmuel Yoseph) TURKEL (1906-est.1942-1944)
    Samuel Leib WEIDENFELD (est.1810-1830 - unknown)
    Samuel [father of Greti B-C , Sam] Turkel (est.1810-1830-est.1865-1900)
    Sandra TURKEL (22 Nov 1944-26 Nov 1999)
    Sandra ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Sandy ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Sandy PARKER (Private)
    Sandy TURKEL (Private)
    Sanford COGAS (3 Nov 1949-17 Oct 1984)
    Sara ALTBERG (est.1825-1845 - unknown)
    Sara APSIS (1874 - unknown)
    Sara HALPERN (1889 - unknown)
    Sara LAPRAD (est.1960-1980 - unknown)
    Sara MARCUS (1869 - unknown)
    Sara NUSSENBAUM (est.1812-1826 - unknown)
    Sara SAPHIR (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    Sara TURKEL (Private)
    Sara VANDERER (est.1880-1890 - unknown)
    Sara Jutta EIDELBERG (1889 - unknown)
    Sara Sylvia ?MAIDEN (est.1890-1900 - unknown)
    Sarah ?MAIDEN (est.1895 - unknown)
    Sarah ?MAIDEN (May 1880 - unknown)
    Sarah ?MAIDEN (est.1800-1820 - unknown)
    Sarah ABRAHAM (Private)
    Sarah ALTBERG (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Sarah BARASCH (est.1850-1875-est.1892-1940)
    Sarah BRILLER (1890 - unknown)
    Sarah GELLER (1894 - unknown)
    Sarah GENSER (1874 - unknown)
    Sarah GILLIM (Dr.) (Private)
    Sarah GLICKMAN (est.1898-1901 - unknown)
    Sarah GORDIS (Private)
    Sarah HAMDI (Private)
    Sarah JAFFE (Private)
    Sarah JORISCH (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Sarah KRASNY (Private)
    Sarah LAVIN (Private)
    Sarah LEWIS (Private)
    Sarah MOUCHLY (1872-1953)
    Sarah ROSENTHAL (Private)
    Sarah SABELSON (1893-1937)
    Sarah SCHAPIRA (1881 - unknown)
    Sarah SILVER (Private)
    Sarah SPITZBERG (est.1835-1855-est.1881-1940)
    Sarah TERKEL (1 Jan 1863 - unknown)
    Sarah TERKEL (est.1835-1857-est.1879-1940)
    Sarah TERKEL (est.1860-1880-est.1897-1950)
    Sarah TIRKEL (est.1850-1875-est.1896-1940)
    Sarah TROKEL (Jan 1891 - unknown)
    Sarah TURKEL (12 Oct 1884 - unknown)
    Sarah TURKEL (1886 - unknown)
    Sarah TURKEL (est.1871 - unknown)
    Sarah TURKEL (Private)
    Sarah TURKEL (Private)
    Sarah TURKEL (Private)
    Sarah TURKLE (Oct 1877 - unknown)
    Sarah ZEIDMAN (est.1911-1921-est.1941-1943)
    Sarah ZELTZER (est.1915-est.1970-1980)
    Sarah (Salka) TURKEL (est.1897-1905-est.1941-1943)
    Sarah (Sure) TURKEL (1884 - unknown)
    Sarah (Turklova) PLATZEK (30 Aug 1864-8 Apr 1942)
    Sarah Beile TURKEL (est.1855-1875 - unknown)
    Sarah Chava LUNGE (1873 - unknown)
    Sarah Ester TURKELL (1897 - unknown)
    Sarah Gittel LAJCHTER (est.1880 - unknown)
    Sarah Gittel MARMOR (Private)
    Sarah Golde KORKUS (1883 - unknown)
    Sarah Herta TURKEL (est.1919-1924-25 Oct 1942)
    Sarah Leah ?MAIDEN (est.1852-1865 - unknown)
    Sarah Miriam GENSER (1891 - unknown)
    Sarah Miriam TURKEL (21 Jan 1885-13 Oct 1946)
    Sarah Miriam (Sadie) TURKEL (3 Feb 1890-12 Apr 1946)
    Sarah Perl KAMINKER (1892 - unknown)
    Sarah Rivka ALENBERG? (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Sarah Rivka TURKEL (1884 - unknown)
    Sarah Ronie TERKEL (est.1830-1850-est.1869-1940)
    Sarah Said TURKEL (1904-1994)
    Sarah Salka ZAJFMAN (Private)
    Sarah Zissle LAJCHTER (1921-23 Aug 1942)
    Sarah [mother of Jacob T] ?MAIDEN (est.1785-1805 - unknown)
    Sarah [wife of Chaim] ?MAIDEN (1872 - unknown)
    Sari SHEIN (Private)
    Saul KRASNY (Private)
    Saul (Raul) JAMPOLER (1884 - unknown)
    Schaja FRANKEL (1872 - unknown)
    Schaje TURKEL (est.1820-1850-est.1882-1940)
    Scheftel EIDELBERG (1895 - unknown)
    Scheindel HELPERN (1869-est.1869-1970)
    Scheindel TERKEL (1877 - unknown)
    Scheinel SPEICHER (1871 - unknown)
    Schie Wolf GLICK (est.1830-1850-est.1870-1950)
    Schiendel ROSENBERG (1882 - unknown)
    Schifra KUPFERBERG (est.1875-1893-est.1941-1943)
    Schindel Chaje FRUHOF (1878 - unknown)
    Schlomcie Machlie ? (1887 - unknown)
    Schlome SHMORAK (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Schmerl BALIN (1895 - unknown)
    Schulem MONIES (1866 - unknown)
    Scott ? (Private)
    Scott FEINBERG (Private)
    Scott GERBER (Private)
    Scott SILVERSTEIN (Private)
    Scott TURKEL (Private)
    Scott TURKEL (Private)
    Scott WOLF (Private)
    Scott WOLF (Private)
    Scott Douglas TURKEL (Private)
    Scout Katherine TURKEL (Private)
    Seena KAPLAN (2 Nov 1928-15 Oct 1990)
    Seidel TURKEL (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Selma ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Selma KLEIN (Private)
    Selma SOLOMON (Private)
    Selma TURKEL (1893 - unknown)
    Serah RUDY (15 Mar 1886-11 Dec 1942)
    Seth FRIEDMAN (Private)
    Seth LAPRAD (est.1960-1980 - unknown)
    Seth TURKEL (Private)
    Seth WOLIN (Dr.) (Private)
    Seymour SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Seymour TURKEL (21 Jul 1934-15 Oct 1999)
    Shabtai WEIDENFELD (est.1901-1921-1942)
    Shabtai (Shabse) TURKEL (est.1905-1915-1942)
    Shachar SUKENIK (Private)
    Shalom GENSER (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Shameeka Abbie TERKEL (Private)
    Shana LAPIDUS (Private)
    Shane ? (Private)
    Shani DAVID (Private)
    Shari MORDHORST (Private)
    Shari SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Sharon GRUBER (Private)
    Sharon RAFAELI (Private)
    Sharon Beth LEVY (Private)
    Sharon Lee KALLICK (1971-18 Jul 1990)
    Sharon Lynn KINGSTON (Private)
    Shaul TURKEL (est.1890-1898-est.1942-1943)
    Shaul TYRKEL (1904-1942)
    Shaun Hyden TURKEL (Private)
    Shay BIRMAN (Private)
    Shay LAMDON (Private)
    Shaye KUGLER (Private)
    Sheila ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Sheila PARKER (Private)
    Sheila PARKER (Private)
    Sheina (Szena) Zippa MAGID (1872-1945)
    Sheindl ?MAIDEN (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Sheine Channa KOPINSKY (est.1820-1843-est.1865-1931)
    Sheine Channa YUDELEVITCH (est.1835 - unknown)
    Sheldon COHEN (Private)
    Sheldon TURKEL (Private)
    Shelia TERKEL (Private)
    Shelli RONEN (Private)
    Shelly ELLIS (Private)
    Shelly LAPRAD (est.1941-1951 - unknown)
    Shelly ORENSTEIN-KAUFFMAN (Private)
    Sherry ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Sherry TURKEL (Private)
    Sherry TURKLE (Private)
    Shifra HOROVITZ (est.1883-1904-est.1941-1943)
    Shimon BILER (est.1865-1880 - unknown)
    Shimon KAMINKER (Private)
    Shimon TURKEL (Private)
    Shimon TURKEL (Private)
    Shimon TYRKEL (1882-1942)
    Shimon VANDERER (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Shimon ZAJFMAN (est.1865-est.1942)
    Shimon ZELTZER (est.1850-1870-est.1912)
    Shimon Simcha (Shimek) TURKEL (1911-1984)
    Shimshon RODNITZKI NIR (Private)
    Shindel ALTBERG (1869 - unknown)
    Shira SHWARTZ (Private)
    Shirley FRIED (Private)
    Shirley FRIEDMAN (est.1900 - unknown)
    Shirley JAEGER (Private)
    Shirley LEVIN (Private)
    Shirley TURKEL (18 Jan 1909-20 Jan 1995)
    Shirley TURKEL (Private)
    Shirley J WOLF (21 Jul 1919-14 Mar 2000)
    Shleime Leib BLOCH (Reb) (est.1810-1870 - unknown)
    Shlomi SHWARTZ (Private)
    Shlomit ZOHAR (Private)
    Shlomo ABRAMOVITZ (Private)
    Shlomo DIAMANT-DEMANT (est.1849-1905-est.1941-1943)
    Shlomo DZIEGANSKI (est.1850-1857 - unknown)
    Shlomo HOOVER (Private)
    Shlomo KOL (Private)
    Shlomo LUNGE (1869 - unknown)
    Shlomo LUNGE (est.1780-1803 - unknown)
    Shlomo NEGRIN (Private)
    Shlomo TERKEL (1869 - unknown)
    Shlomo TERKEL (est.1830-1850-est.1876-1940)
    Shlomo TURKEL (1895-1942)
    Shlomo TURKEL (AFT. 1883 - unknown)
    Shlomo TURKEL (est.1887-1888-1943)
    Shlomo (Salomon) TURKEL (1885 - unknown)
    Shlomo (Solomon) TERKEL (est.1865-1885 - unknown)
    Shlomo Ben Jakob Sepharadi TURKL (1718-14 Mar 1749)
    Shlomo Eithan TURKEL (Private)
    Shlomo Hertz TURKEL (est.1850-1862 - unknown)
    Shlomo Hirsh TURKEL (est.1867 - unknown)
    Shlomo Leib KAMINKER (1843-1920)
    Shlomo Michael WEILER (est.1830-1858-est.1880-1940)
    Shlomo [father of Pessach Turekl] _NO SURNAME (est.1730-1790 - unknown)
    Shmaria TURKEL (1832 - unknown)
    Shmuel BEN-AMI (Private)
    Shmuel BERNSTEIN (1899 - unknown)
    Shmuel DAVID (Private)
    Shmuel DAVID (Private)
    Shmuel PIK (est.1845-1865 - unknown)
    Shmuel WEINTRAUB (1898 - unknown)
    Shoam LEVI (Private)
    Sholom KOPINSKY (est.1811-1840-est.1865-1925)
    Sholom KUPINSKY (est.1835 - unknown)
    Sholom Solomon TURKEL (est.1900-1920-est.1941-1943)
    Shoshana GOTLIB (Private)
    Shoshana GRETZ (est.1865-1880 - unknown)
    Shoshana KAMINSKI (Private)
    Shoshana MARINBERG (Private)
    Shoshana TURKEL (Private)
    Shoshana Raaia LOVITCH (Private)
    Shprantza TANNENBAUM (1884-est.1942)
    Shprintza ?MAIDEN (est.1879-1990 - unknown)
    Shulamit DAVID (1916-1990)
    Shulamit GOLD (est.1910-1920-est.1979)
    Shulamit LEITER (Private)
    Shulamit TURKEL (Private)
    Shulamit Stela WILLNER (Private)
    Sidney ABZUG (Private)
    Sidney KATZ (Private)
    Sidney SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Sidney SILVERSTEIN (Private)
    Sidney TURKEL (10 Jun 1900-Sep 1984)
    Sidney TURKEL (17 Aug 1910-26 Feb 1965)
    Sidney TURKEL (20 Sep 1898-Jan 1982)
    Sidney TURKEL (31 May 1899-Aug 1980)
    Sidney TURKEL (5 Feb 1915-16 Apr 1971)
    Sidney TURKEL (est.1868 - unknown)
    Sidney TURKEL (Private)
    Sidney TURKEL (est.1875-1900 - unknown)
    Sidney TURKEL (est.1910-1917-1963)
    Sidney TURKEL (est.1919-23 Mar 1996)
    Sidney WOLFSON (Private)
    Siegfried TURKEL (Dr.) (31 Jan 1875-1933)
    Siegfried Carl TURKEL (19 Nov 1872-AFT. 1939)
    Sigmund MARMOR (Private)
    Sigmund SCHOEN (Private)
    Sigmund Asher TURKEL (Dr.) (13 Jun 1904-14 Jul 1956)
    Sigmunt TURKL (est.1850-1864 - unknown)
    Silvia (Vivian) TURKEL (Private)
    Sima FEIGENBAUM (est.1830-1850-est.1876-1940)
    Sima FUX (est.1880-est.1942)
    Sima TURKEL (Private)
    Sima TURKEL (Private)
    Sima (Sime) TURKELL (1897 - unknown)
    Sima Gittel KATZ (1899 - unknown)
    Sima Gittel TIRKEL (est.1830-1850-est.1870-1950)
    Simcha SCHACHTER (est.1815-1837 - unknown)
    Simcha Meir Halevi Sidney Max TURKEL (4 Dec 1917-10 Dec 1996)
    Sime ALTBERG (est.1825-1845 - unknown)
    Simha MARINBERG (Private)
    Simon ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Simon GENSER (1883 - unknown)
    Simon SUTTON (12 Feb 1932-Mar 1996)
    Simon TURKEL (10 Jun 1900-9 Sep 1983)
    Simon TURKEL (1892-Jan 1925)
    Simon TURKEL (Private)
    Simy BERNSTEIN (1897 - unknown)
    Sinai Cyna LAJCHTER LEICHTER (Private)
    Sindel ROSENSTROCH (1896 - unknown)
    Sindel TERKEL (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Sindel TIRKEL (est.1840-1860-est.1881-1950)
    Sindel (Zindel) Judah (Judas) TURKEL (est.1758-1828)
    Siskind DLIGATZ (1888 - unknown)
    Slip DRUBEN (est.1885-1905 - unknown)
    Sloan FRIEDMAN (Private)
    Slue FRUHOF (1881 - unknown)
    Sofia ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Sofia STERNBERG (Private)
    Sofia TIRKEL (est.1900-1945-17 Sep 1949)
    Sol TURKEL (Jul 1874 - unknown)
    Solomon TURKEL (1 Sep 1885-AFT. 1939)
    Solomon TURKEL (Private)
    Solomon TURKEL (Private)
    Solomon Stanley TURKEL (Private)
    Sonia MORGENSHTERN (est.1860-1868 - unknown)
    Sonia MORGENSHTERN (est.1905-1906-est.1997)
    Sonia TURKEL (Private)
    Sonia TWUO (Private)
    Sonny (Eugene) MOXLEY (Private)
    Sophia (Sofie) PERLMAN (10 Sep 1901-23 Feb 1969)
    Sophie ARNOLD (est.1869 - unknown)
    Sophie GOLDSTAUB (est.1901-1921 - unknown)
    Sophie MARMOR (Private)
    Sophie SCHAPIRA (est.1886-1892 - unknown)
    Sophie TURKEL (19 Jan 1914-26 Aug 1996)
    Sosia ?MAIDEN (est.1855-1870 - unknown)
    Sosia TURKEL (AFT. 1871 - unknown)
    Sossie TERKEL (1882 - unknown)
    Sossie Dwore FRANKEL (1889 - unknown)
    Spencer TURKEL (Private)
    Spencer TURKEL (Private)
    Spencer Jay TURKEL (Private)
    Srool TURKEL (est.1850-1865 - unknown)
    Srul MARMOR (est.1880-1910-est.1924-1929)
    Srul Ber TURKEL (1877-est.1942)
    Srulke ? (Private)
    Stacy BREITNER (Private)
    Stacy KLEIGMAN (Private)
    Stan BRANTNER (Private)
    Stan ULMAN (Private)
    Stanislav (Simcha) DZIEGANSKI (Private)
    Stanley LEVINE (Private)
    Stanley ROSENFELD (Private)
    Stanley SCHERER (Private)
    Stanley TURKEL (Private)
    Stanley TURKEL (Private)
    Stanley (Shmuel) TURKEL (Dr.) (Private)
    Stella (Turkle) ?MAIDEN (14 Jan 1893-Oct 1985)
    Stephanie GOMO (Private)
    Stephanie LEDBETTER (Private)
    Stephanie Rachel SOBEL (Private)
    Stephen STEIN (Cantor/Rabbi) (Private)
    Stephen TIERSTEIN (Private)
    Steve HILLMAN (Private)
    Steve ROTH (Private)
    Steve TERKEL (Private)
    Steve TERKEL (Private)
    Steven DANIELS (Private)
    Steven FEINSTEIN (Private)
    Steven SCHERER (Private)
    Steven TERKEL (Private)
    Steven TURKEL (Private)
    Steven TURKEL (Private)
    Steven TURKEL (Private)
    Steven TURKEL (Private)
    Steven B. TESSER (Private)
    Steven Charles TURKEL (Private)
    Steven D TURKEL (Private)
    Steven E. GOTTLIE (Private)
    Steven Lee SCNEIDER (Private)
    Steven M TURKEL (Private)
    Steven Marshal TURKEL (Private)
    Steven Michael COHEN (Private)
    Stuart SCHWIEMER (Private)
    Stuart S TURKEL (Dr.) (Private)
    Suanne MILLER (Private)
    Suellen TIPPETT (Private)
    Sura Fraidla TERKIEL (1858 - unknown)
    Susan ?MAIDEN (4 Apr 1944-21 Nov 1999)
    Susan ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Susan BECKWITT (Private)
    Susan GILL (Private)
    Susan KRAL (Private)
    Susan MEYERS (Private)
    Susan NOVAR (Private)
    Susan TERKEL (Private)
    Susan TURKEL (Private)
    Susan TURKEL (Private)
    Susan ZIMMERMAN (Private)
    Susan B. TURKEL (MD) (Private)
    Susan Beth TURKEL (Private)
    Susan Jean TURKEL (Private)
    Susan Lynn TANNENBAUM (Private)
    Susan Rachel TURKEL (Private)
    Susanne SILVER (Private)
    Susla Rajca WALLERSTEIN (est.1855-1875 - unknown)
    Sussel Braine DEGENSTICK (est.1840-1860-est.1882-1950)
    Sussie BERNSTEIN (est.1860-1880-est.1892-1950)
    Suzan MILLER (Private)
    Suzanne FEINSTEIN (Private)
    Suzanne WEISINGER (Private)
    Suzanne (Sue) TURKEL (Private)
    Suzanne Doreen CEDERBAUM (Private)
    Sylvia ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Sylvia FOLDI (Private)
    Sylvia TERSOFF (Private)
    Sylvia TURKEL (16 Apr 1915-11 Feb 1995)
    Sylvia TURKEL (20 Apr 1914-Nov 1980)
    Sylvia TURKEL (21 Feb 1918-20 Jan 1991)
    Sylvia TURKEL (6 Aug 1906-9 Jan 1994)
    Sylvia TURKEL (Private)
    Sylvia TURKEL (Private)
    Sylvia TURKEL (est.1919-1928-est.1979)
    Sylvia WEINSTEIN (est.1915-16 Apr 1994)
    Sylvia WEISS (1906-1986)
    Sylvia WISEMAN (Private)
    Szie Yehoshua TIRKEL YISH-ME-ELI (1903-1956)
    Szmuel Jankelewicz (Samuel) TERKEL (est.1875-1894 - unknown)
    Szoel GELBERG (est.1800-1820 - unknown)
    Szoelewna GELBERG (est.1810-1825 - unknown)
    Szyja KLEINER (est.1850-1900 - unknown)

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