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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with R

    Raaia ?MAIDEN (est.1857 - unknown)
    Rachel ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Rachel ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Rachel ?MAIDEN (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Rachel ?MAIDEN (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    Rachel ALTBERG (est.1845-1865 - unknown)
    Rachel BARLEV (Private)
    Rachel BARON (Private)
    Rachel BAUER (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Rachel BERNSTEIN (1892 - unknown)
    Rachel DAVID (Private)
    Rachel DIAMANT (est.1809-1912-est.1926-1929)
    Rachel ECKERT (Private)
    Rachel GENSER (1871 - unknown)
    Rachel KAMINKER (Private)
    Rachel LEICHTER (Private)
    Rachel MARINBERG (30 Jul 1946-28 Dec 1993)
    Rachel MARMOR (Private)
    Rachel MARMOR SHARF (est.1880-1945)
    Rachel ROTHBARD (est.1875 - unknown)
    Rachel SHEINFELD (est.1885-1890 - unknown)
    Rachel SHIFERMAN (est.1912-1939-est.1941-1943)
    Rachel TAFFET (est.1874-est.1942)
    Rachel TURKEL (1910 - unknown)
    Rachel TURKEL (Private)
    Rachel TURKEL (UNKNOWN-est.1942-1943)
    Rachel ZEIDMAN (est.1913-1923-est.1941-1943)
    Rachel (Ruchel) MONDSCHEIN (1851-est.1876-1940)
    Rachel Beth FRISH (Private)
    Rachel Debora (Dwora) MORKS (1878 - unknown)
    Rachel E. HAYS (Private)
    Rachel Gittel WEILER (1882 - unknown)
    Rachel Golda TURKEL (est.1918-1923-25 Oct 1942)
    Rachel Leah ?MAIDEN (est.1843 - unknown)
    Rafaekl KARMONA (Private)
    Rafael DAVID (est.1870-1880-est.1958-1968)
    Rafi DAVID (Private)
    Rafi RAFAELI (Private)
    Rafi (Rafael) BELL (Private)
    Rafie PORT (est.1905 - unknown)
    Ralf Charles TURKEL (Private)
    Ralph TURKEL (14 Feb 1895-25 Jul 1974)
    Ralph TURKEL (Private)
    Ralph G TURKEL (Dr.) (Private)
    Rami KRANZ (Private)
    Ramona KROUSKROUP (est.1920-1922 - unknown)
    Ran BARLEV (Private)
    Ran YANNAI (Private)
    Rand TERKEL (Private)
    Rand Nate TERKEL (Private)
    Randy BREITNER (Private)
    Randy TURKEL (Dr.) (Private)
    Randy TURKEL (Private)
    Ray GUTSTEIN (Private)
    Ray TURKEL (8 Feb 1910-11 Mar 1999)
    Ray TURKLE (Private)
    Raya LEVIN (Private)
    Raya MARINBERG (est.1850-1880 - unknown)
    Raz TIRKEL (Private)
    Rebbeca GELOBTER (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Rebecca NIMAN (8 Oct 1905-8 Jul 1991)
    Rebecca TURKEL (Private)
    Rebecca TURKEL (est.1886 - unknown)
    Rebecca (Rivka) GALEDZIE (Private)
    Rebecca Marie TURKEL (Private)
    Rebecca? ?MAIDEN (1889 - unknown)
    Reece LOVE (Private)
    Reeven TURKEL (Private)
    Reeven Jos TURKEL (2 May 1912-26 Jun 1992)
    Regina ACKERMAN (1896-est.1942)
    Regina BROWN (Private)
    Regina KLEIN (4 May 1887-Nov 1985)
    Regina SHEIN (1916-est.1954)
    Regina TURKEL (16 Oct 1845 - unknown)
    Regina TURKEL (est.1882 - unknown)
    Regina TURKEL (est.1887 - unknown)
    Regine TURKEL (Private)
    Reha TURKELL (24 Jun 1930-Aug 1966)
    Reisa Ruchel BELIOWICZ (est.1843-1863 - unknown)
    Reise ALTBERG (est.1825-1845 - unknown)
    Reise WEINTRAUB (1896 - unknown)
    Reise [mother of Dina] ?MAIDEN (est.1855-1875 - unknown)
    Reisel GRZIBEG (est.1844-1864 - unknown)
    Reisel TURKEL (est.1866 - unknown)
    Reisie GINSBERG (est.1835-1859 - unknown)
    Reisl FRUHOF (1887 - unknown)
    Reisl PAPIER (1910-est.1942)
    Reisl Blimen TERKEL (1874 - unknown)
    Rema SOKOLOF (Private)
    Renee TURKEL (13 Jan 1907-11 Apr 1995)
    Renee Ann SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Reshef BARZILAI (Private)
    Reuven LEVI (Private)
    Rhoda MILLER (Private)
    Rhoda SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Rhonda TURKEL (Private)
    Richard ELLIS (Private)
    Richard HARRIS (Private)
    Richard LEVINE (Private)
    Richard SAX (Dr.) (Private)
    Richard SILBERGLIT (Private)
    Richard TUERKEL (Private)
    Richard TURKEL (Private)
    Richard TURKEL (Private)
    Richard WALLACH (Private)
    Richard (Dick) TURKEL (Private)
    Richard (Rick) Ellis TURKEL (Private)
    Richard B TERKEL (20 May 1901 - unknown)
    Richard C. ELLIS (Private)
    Richard M TURKEL (Private)
    Rick Reuven Mendel TURKEL (Private)
    Ricky WOLF (Private)
    Riki ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Riki DAVID (Private)
    Rima TURKEL (Private)
    Rina KALINSKY (1905-1942)
    Risa ULMAN (Private)
    Rishka BLAICHER (est.1890-1900 - unknown)
    Rissie FRAUENGLASS (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Rita ?MAIDEN (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Rita MORSE (Private)
    Rita ROSEN (24 Dec 1910-30 Sep 1952)
    Rita TURKEL (Private)
    Rita Dale TURKEL (Private)
    Rivka ?MAIDEN (est.1900-1920 - unknown)
    Rivka ALTBERG (1886 - unknown)
    Rivka DAVID (Private)
    Rivka EICHENBAUM (1879 - unknown)
    Rivka EIDELBERG (1897 - unknown)
    Rivka FEIGENBAUM (1877 - unknown)
    Rivka GANANI (Private)
    Rivka GENSER (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Rivka KAMINKER (1886 - unknown)
    Rivka KOPLICK (est.1888-1933-est.1941-1943)
    Rivka SCHECHTER (est.1835-1855 - unknown)
    Rivka SEIDEN (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Rivka TZETENBERG (est.1877-1897 - unknown)
    Rivka ZAJFMAN (est.1896 - unknown)
    Rivka (Rifka) TURKEL (1851 - unknown)
    Rivka (Rifka) TURKEL (est.1768-1830)
    Rivka (Rifke Becky) TURKEL (1884 - unknown)
    Rivka (Rifke) ?MAIDEN (est.1800-1820 - unknown)
    Rivka (Rifke) FLEISHMAN (1897 - unknown)
    Rivka (Riwke) TURKEL (1886 - unknown)
    Rivka (Rywka) SKALER (est.1836-1884)
    Rivka Peril (Pepe) TURKEL (1861 - unknown)
    Rivka Rachel GENSER (1877 - unknown)
    Rivka Zipora TERKEL (est.1850-1860 - unknown)
    Rivka [mother of Zfira Tirkel] ?MAIDEN (est.1870-1882 - unknown)
    Riwe SHMORAK (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Robby MARTIN (Private)
    Robert CHAPMAN (Private)
    Robert ELSAS (Private)
    Robert FEINSTEIN (Private)
    Robert FREMONT (Private)
    Robert KESSLER (Private)
    Robert KRASNY (1946-1973)
    Robert LEVINE (Private)
    Robert TURKEL (Private)
    Robert TURKEL (Private)
    Robert TURKEL (Private)
    Robert TURKEL (Private)
    Robert TURKEL (Private)
    Robert TURKEL (est.1892-est.1940-1945)
    Robert TURKLE (9 Jun 1916-9 Apr 1994)
    Robert TURKLE (est.1860 - unknown)
    Robert (Bob) A. TURKEL (Dr.) (Private)
    Robert A FRISH (Private)
    Robert Allan REICH (Private)
    Robert David SCHWARTZMAN (Private)
    Robert Elroy ARCHER (Private)
    Robert Henry LEWIS (Private)
    Robert S TURKEL (Private)
    Robert Steven MILLER (Private)
    Roberta TURKEL (Private)
    Robin COGAS (Private)
    Robin TURKEL (24 Mar 1929-Sep 1984)
    Robin TURKEL (Private)
    Rochelle (Shelly) ORVIS (Private)
    Rochla THERKOL (est.1852 - unknown)
    Roee YACOBI (1975-1990)
    Roger BURRIS (Private)
    Roger Emmett RUTT (21 Aug 1941-26 Aug 1999)
    Roi DAVID (Private)
    Roja SHEIN (Private)
    Roland (Racey) TERKEL (Private)
    Roma GINSBERG (1898-est.1942)
    Roma RUDD (est.1900 - unknown)
    Ron BEN-AMI (Private)
    Ron FERRARA (Private)
    Ron TERKEL (Private)
    Ronald ELLMAN (Private)
    Ronald KRAMAR (Private)
    Ronald PFEFFER (Private)
    Ronald Cary SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Ronen GOTLIB (Private)
    Roni NATTIV (Private)
    Ronie KATZ (1884 - unknown)
    Ronie WILLNER (est.1820-1840-est.1869-1940)
    Ronit DONYETS (Private)
    Ronit GRANOT (Private)
    Ronni ROSENBERG (Private)
    Ronnie S ?MAIDEN (est.1950-1960 - unknown)
    Rosa ?MAIDEN (Dec 1868 - unknown)
    Rosa ?MAIDEN (est.1904-1915 - unknown)
    Rosa REITER (13 Aug 1856-15 Mar 1941)
    Rosa TAFFET (AFT. 1875 - unknown)
    Rosa TURKEL (1883-1883)
    Rosa TURKEL (Private)
    Rosa TURKEL (est.1883 - unknown)
    Rosa TURKEL (est.1900 - unknown)
    Rosa TURKEL (est.1909-12 Sep 1999)
    Rosa [mother of Jacob Tzvi T] ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1860 - unknown)
    Rosalia TURKEL (est.1890 - unknown)
    Rosalie TURKEL (Private)
    Rosalind TURKEL (19 May 1937-13 Feb 1997)
    Rosalind TURKEL (Private)
    Rosaline KATZ (Private)
    Rose ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Rose ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Rose ?MAIDEN (est.1883 - unknown)
    Rose ABZUG (Private)
    Rose BROWN (Private)
    Rose LEVINE (est.1875-1895 - unknown)
    Rose MARCUS (1866 - unknown)
    Rose MARKOWITZ (18 May 1886-23 Feb 1973)
    Rose NEMER (est.1860-1869-1965)
    Rose ROTHKIN (Private)
    Rose SILVER (est.1883-1960)
    Rose TIRKEL (15 Aug 1877-Jul 1968)
    Rose TURKEL (10 Dec 1898-Sep 1979)
    Rose TURKEL (14 Aug 1900-Aug 1978)
    Rose TURKEL (15 Jun 1884-Oct 1968)
    Rose TURKEL (20 Jul 1915-25 Jan 1992)
    Rose TURKEL (Private)
    Rose TURKEL (UNKNOWN-20 Jan 1973)
    Rose TURKEL (est.1895-1915-29 Jul 1992)
    Rose TURKEL (est.1907-1939)
    Rose Lee GOLDSTEIN (Private)
    Rosi ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Rosi ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Roslyn KAHN (est.1905-1915-Feb 2000)
    Ross TURKLE (Private)
    Rossane TURKEL (Private)
    Rosy (Rachel) TURKEL (est.1914-1923-est.1999)
    Rotem NIR (Private)
    Roy TSUCK (Private)
    Roza ?MAIDEN (1864-1910)
    Roza NOIGORTZ (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Roza TURKEL (1895 - unknown)
    Rozet ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Rubin ? (Private)
    Rubin SPEICHER (1879 - unknown)
    Ruby Mae REAMS (Private)
    Ruchama ZEIDMAN (est.1915-1925-est.1941-1943)
    Ruche Leah LUNGE (1867 - unknown)
    Ruchel KAMINKER (1891 - unknown)
    Ruchel SELMAJE (est.1815-1835 - unknown)
    Ruchel TERKEL (est.1850-1875-est.1894-1940)
    Ruchel Baile (Rose) DACHER (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    Ruchla ?MAIDEN (est.1790-1810 - unknown)
    Ruchla TURKEL (est.1875-1885 - unknown)
    Ruchsha Rose KAMINKER (1867-23 Feb 1954)
    Rudolf TURKEL (est.1894 - unknown)
    Russell Sloan TURKEL (Private)
    Ruth ?MAIDEN (est.1890-1902 - unknown)
    Ruth BOHRER (Private)
    Ruth EPSTEIN (8 May 1895-Sep 1976)
    Ruth JAEGER (Private)
    Ruth KLEIN (est.1922-9 Sep 1990)
    Ruth LAYMAN (Private)
    Ruth MILLER (Private)
    Ruth MINKIN-MERON (1945-1987)
    Ruth MOUCHLY (Private)
    Ruth SOLOMON (Private)
    Ruth STERENBACH (Private)
    Ruth TURKEL (Private)
    Ruth TURKEL (UNKNOWN-est.1942-1943)
    Ruth TURKLE (Private)
    Ruth Ann TURKEL (Dr.) (Private)
    Ruth Sarah SCHWADRON (Private)
    Ruzena ?MAIDEN (10 May 1888-1 Apr 1942)
    Ruzena TURKELOVA (25 May 1852-1 Sep 1942)
    Ryan Thomaswilla TURKEL (Private)

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