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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with O

    Ofer ISHAI (Private)
    Ofer MARINBERG (Private)
    Ofer MUNK (1947-1967)
    Ofir Israel TAL (Private)
    Olga ACKERMAN (30 Apr 1915-12 Jul 1992)
    Onenia ?MAIDEN (est.1880 - unknown)
    Orah HALEVI (Private)
    Oren RIS (Private)
    Oren Samuel (Uren Schmiel) MORKS (1883 - unknown)
    Ori CHADASH (Private)
    Ori SHEIN (Private)
    Ori TIRKEL ISHAI (Private)
    Orit LEVI (Private)
    Orly KRANZ (Private)
    Orr SHAMIR (Private)
    Oscar GOLDSTAUB (est.1900-1920 - unknown)
    Oscar KLEINER (Private)
    Oscar VERKAUF (Private)
    Osher BAR-KOCHVA (Private)
    Osias TERKEL (1872 - unknown)
    Osias TERKEL (1884 - unknown)
    Osias TIRKEL (est.1835-1855-est.1874-1950)
    Osias (Schaje) KAMINKER (2 Mar 1856 - unknown)
    Oskar TURKEL (30 Sep 1877-7 Apr 1942)
    Osyasz HABER (est.1810-1830 - unknown)
    Otto TURKEL (17 Jul 1882-23 Feb 1966)
    Oved PALMONY (Private)
    Ovsei TURKEL (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    Owen KROUSKROUP-TURKEL (Private)
    Owen LEVINE (Private)
    Oz MANDELBROTH (Private)
    Ozias TERKIL (est.1850-1870 - unknown)

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