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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with N

    NN TURKEL? (1886 - unknown)
    Naavah WEISMAN (Private)
    Nachamer KROHL (est.1810-1835-est.1853-1900)
    Nachman TURKEL (est.1862 - unknown)
    Nachshon TSUCK (Private)
    Nachum GENSER (1877 - unknown)
    Nachum Nathan ZAJFMAN SEFMAN (est.1867-1957)
    Nadav KEIDAR (Private)
    Naftali Hirsch SCHIEFERMANN (1872 - unknown)
    Nahum BERENSTEIN (Private)
    Nahum WEIDENFELD (Rabbi) (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    Nahuma ?MAIDEN (est.1790-1801 - unknown)
    Nancy ELLMAN (Private)
    Nancy TIRKELL (est.1830-AFT. 1830)
    Nancy TOBIN (Private)
    Nancy TURKEL (Private)
    Nancy TURKEL (Private)
    Nancy TURKEL (Private)
    Nancy Victoria LEE (Private)
    Naomi ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Naomi GREENSTEIN (Private)
    Naomi HA-COHEN (Private)
    Naomi LAYMAN (Private)
    Naomi TURKEL (Private)
    Naphtali Hertz HOROVITZ (est.1856-1870-est.1939-1971)
    Narie Anna KALLGRUBER (22 Mar 1883-7 Mar 1967)
    Nat SAX (est.1905-1910 - unknown)
    Natalia TURKEL (Private)
    Natalia Maria TURKEL (Private)
    Natan TURKEL (est.1890-1900-est.1942)
    Nathan ACKERMAN (1895 - unknown)
    Nathan DANIELS (Private)
    Nathan FALK (Private)
    Nathan TROKEL (Jul 1861 - unknown)
    Nathan TURKEL (15 Jun 1891-Mar 1966)
    Nathan TURKEL (1882-1882)
    Nathan TURKEL (24 Oct 1887-Feb 1965)
    Nathan TURKEL (3 Feb 1903-Nov 1983)
    Nathan Nat Noe TURKEL (1892 - unknown)
    Naum BERNSTEIN (Private)
    Nchemje TERKEL (1876 - unknown)
    Neal Lentz KROUSKROUP (29 Jan 1926-Apr 1986)
    Necha TYRKIEL (1863 - unknown)
    Nechama ?MAIDEN (est.1855-1877-est.1942)
    Nechamah ALTER (Private)
    Nechamke FLEISHMAN (1899 - unknown)
    Neche ALLERHAND (est.1860-1880-est.1897-1940)
    Nechemia BRILLER (1880 - unknown)
    Nechemias TERKEL (1878 - unknown)
    Neena BEBER (Private)
    Nehemje ALTBERG (1872 - unknown)
    Neil ESTREN (Private)
    Neil RUTT (Private)
    Neomi MARINBERG (Private)
    Neora ALTERMAN (Private)
    Nesia ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Nesia GENSER (est.1835-1865 - unknown)
    Nesia MARMOR (est.1850-1860-est.1892)
    Nesia TIRKEL MARMOR SHARF (Private)
    Nesia (Necha) Miriam GENSER (1889 - unknown)
    Nesia (Nushia) TIRKEL (Private)
    Nesia Nettie FRIEDMAN (1880-1956)
    Neta BEN-YOSEF (Private)
    Neta SUKENIK (Private)
    Neta TIRKEL (Private)
    Netanel CASADO (Private)
    Netanel Leib ? (1895 - unknown)
    Nettie TURKEL (16 Aug 1916-6 Jun 1995)
    Netty GENSER (Private)
    Nicholas WOLF (Private)
    Nicole Sara MANDEL (Private)
    Nieznana ?MAIDEN (est.1800-1820 - unknown)
    Nikki TURKEL (Private)
    Nili MIGDAN (Private)
    Nili WEISMAN (Private)
    Nina GRADIS (Private)
    Nir KEIDAR (Private)
    Nir NEGRIN (Private)
    Nir SUKENIK (Private)
    Nira SHEIN (Private)
    Nissan Hirsch TURKELL (est.1855-1875-est.1896-1950)
    Nissen David KAMINKER (1876 - unknown)
    Nitza ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Nitza RAFAELI (Private)
    Noa RONEN (Private)
    Noah BOHRER (est.1860-est.1920)
    Noah SHAKED (Private)
    Noah SHAMIR (Private)
    Noam YAHAV (Private)
    Noam Samuel (Shmuel) SYMONS (Private)
    Noga MARINBERG (Private)
    Nogah ? (Private)
    Nogah NATTIV (Private)
    Norbert TURKEL (Private)
    Normah JAEGER (Private)
    Norman BROSNIAK (Private)
    Norman EIDELMAN (Private)
    Norman KRASNY (1917-1990)
    Norman TOBIN (Private)
    Norman TURKELL (2 Aug 1920-Jan 1970)
    Norman (Noony) TURKEL (Private)
    Norman E. (Stormin) TURKEL (Private)
    Notko TROKEL (est.1790-1819 - unknown)
    Noy FREIMAN (Private)
    Nurit ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Nurit GAFNI (Private)
    Nusia TERKEL (1920-1942)
    Nusia TERKEL (est.1926-1942)
    Nusia TERKEL (est.1930-1942)
    Nussen Moses GENSER (1872 - unknown)
    Nuta TERKIEL (UNKNOWN-1857)

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