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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with L

    L. TURKEL (Private)
    Labo GRINSPAN (est.1910-1919-est.1942)
    Lacob Leib WEISS (1866 - unknown)
    Lafayette TIRKEL (est.1870 - unknown)
    Laine KROUSKROUP-TURKEL (Private)
    Lance TURKEL (Private)
    Lane TERKEL (est.1820-1850-est.1871-1940)
    Lany TURKEL (1880 - unknown)
    Lara SELESNER (Private)
    Larry TURKEL (Private)
    Larry TURKEL (Private)
    Larry ZIMMERMAN (Private)
    Laura FISHER (Private)
    Laura HOCHSTIM (est.1870-1885 - unknown)
    Laura ROTH (Private)
    Laura TURKEL (Private)
    Laura WOOD (Private)
    Laura Elizabeth SCHWAB (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    Laura Leah Lola TURKEL (1910-1983)
    Lauren ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Lauren FRIEDMAN (Private)
    Lauren LEVINE (Private)
    Lauren SCNEIDER (Private)
    Lauren TURKEL (Private)
    Lauren Elizabeth SCHOTT (Private)
    Lawrence (Larry) TURKEL (Private)
    Lawrence Charles SCHOTT (Private)
    Lawrence Susan Marni TERKEL (Private)
    Leah ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Leah ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Leah ?MAIDEN (est.1820-1835 - unknown)
    Leah ?MAIDEN (est.1865-1880 - unknown)
    Leah ALTBERG (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Leah COHEN (est.1875-est.1943)
    Leah DAVID (Private)
    Leah FINETUCH (est.1896-est.1942)
    Leah GENSER (1883 - unknown)
    Leah GOTLIB (Private)
    Leah KLEIN (Private)
    Leah LAJCHTER (1933-23 Aug 1942)
    Leah LIEBERGALL (1841 - unknown)
    Leah MORKS (1881 - unknown)
    Leah NUSSENBAUM (est.1845-1855-est.1866-1886)
    Leah NUSSENBAUM (est.1875-1886-est.1942-1943)
    Leah NUSSENBAUM (est.1883-1900 - unknown)
    Leah PALMONY-INBAL (Private)
    Leah RAPPAPORT (est.1880-1942)
    Leah REINGEVERCZ (1845-1941)
    Leah ROSENBERG (1881 - unknown)
    Leah ROSENSTROCH (1895 - unknown)
    Leah ROSENZWEIG (1892-est.1942)
    Leah SOBEL (1895-1895)
    Leah SPEICHER (1867-est.1867-1970)
    Leah TERKEL (est.1840-1860-est.1882-1950)
    Leah TIRKEL (est.1850-1870-est.1888-1940)
    Leah TURKEL (1882 - unknown)
    Leah TURKEL (1914-est.1942)
    Leah TURKEL (Private)
    Leah TURKEL (Private)
    Leah TURKEL (Private)
    Leah TURKEL (UNKNOWN-est.1941-1943)
    Leah TYRKEL (1919-1942)
    Leah WEIDENFELD (1876-1942)
    Leah (Lola) PAPIER (Private)
    Leah Bessie FLEISHMANN (1896 - unknown)
    Leah Bessie TAUB (est.1855-1875-est.1896-1950)
    Leah Eliovson HOSHANNA (Private)
    Leah Lenna TURKEL (1886 - unknown)
    Leah Rochel (Lori) TURKEL (Private)
    Leba DIK? (est.1876-est.1941)
    Leba ETINGER (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    Leba NUSSENBAUM (est.1858-est.1904)
    Leba ROSENBERG (Private)
    Lee TERKEL (9 Feb 1913-22 Jun 1948)
    Lee TERKEL (Private)
    Lee TERKEL (Private)
    Lee TURKEL (21 Mar 1891-2 Oct 1965)
    Lee TURKEL (Private)
    Lee TURKEL (Private)
    Lee TURKEL (Private)
    Lee YARKONI (Private)
    Leib ACKERMAN (Private)
    Leib ALTBERG (1890 - unknown)
    Leib ANDERMAN (1880 - unknown)
    Leib APSIS (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    Leib CHERANSKI (Private)
    Leib DACHER (1892-1963)
    Leib GOLDSTAUB (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Leib KATZ (1886 - unknown)
    Leib KELMANOVITCH (est.1910-est.1942)
    Leib TURKEL (1924-1942)
    Leib TURKELL (1896 - unknown)
    Leibisch KESTENBAUM (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Leice SZEER (1895-1942)
    Leiser KORKUS (1882 - unknown)
    Leiser Kopel TIRKEL (1876 - unknown)
    Lejbush LAJCHTER (est.1879 - unknown)
    Leland KOWAL (Private)
    Lemel TURKL (est.1942-est.1942)
    Len SELESNER (Private)
    Lena ?MAIDEN (est.1895-1900-AFT. 1945)
    Lena FEDERMAN (est.1863-1885 - unknown)
    Lena GROSS (est.1890 - unknown)
    Lena NAVROGRODSKY (est.1881-1885 - unknown)
    Lena TURKEL (22 May 1883-Jul 1979)
    Lenard MILLER (Private)
    Leni Reize TURKEL (1880-1881)
    Leo PFEFFER (Private)
    Leo TURKEL (Private)
    Leo TURKEL (Private)
    Leo TURKEL (est.1901-1943)
    Leo TURKELL (Private)
    Leo YAFFE (Private)
    Leon SHWARTZ (est.1860-1890 - unknown)
    Leon TERKEL (Private)
    Leon TURKEL (17 Feb 1920-18 Mar 1995)
    Leon TURKEL (est.1898-est.1942)
    Leon Wilhelm Jehuda HAKENBROCH (28 Oct 1876-18 Oct 1952)
    Leonard NOVAR (Private)
    Leonard TURKEL (Private)
    Leonard TURKELL (Private)
    Leonard (Lenny) TURKEL (Private)
    Leopold TURKEL (15 Feb 1853-21 Oct 1925)
    Leopold TURKEL (est.1891 - unknown)
    Leopold Maria STOSS (7 Oct 1878 - unknown)
    Leor LAVIN (Private)
    Leslie COLMAN (Private)
    Letty BEYER (Private)
    Levi TIRKEL (est.1800-1820 - unknown)
    Levi TURKEL (1919-est.1941-1944)
    Lew (Louis) (Przedecky) PERKINS (est.1861-1888-4 Feb 1943)
    Lewi TERKEL (est.1790-1810 - unknown)
    Lewis TURKEL (est.1862 - unknown)
    Liad NACHNIAS (Private)
    Liane C BARNETT (23 Jun 1944-30 Apr 1993)
    Liat BESTERMAN (Private)
    Liat Leah TURKEL (Private)
    Liba KAMINKER (est.1830 - unknown)
    Libe FURST (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Lilach NISIM (Private)
    Lili BIRMAN (Private)
    Lilian WILLIAMS (Private)
    Lilli Vctoria TUERKEL (Private)
    Lillian CHOMSKY (Private)
    Lillian COHEN (Private)
    Lillian FITZGERALD (3 Oct 1900-Jun 1979)
    Lillian ROCK (Private)
    Lillian SILVER (Private)
    Lillian TERKEL (6 Sep 1890-Aug 1971)
    Lillian TURKEL (14 Mar 1893-Aug 1971)
    Lillian TURKEL (Private)
    Lillian Emma HABERMANN (3 Feb 1888-3 Jul 1978)
    Limor STUTCHINER (Private)
    Limor TURKEL (Private)
    Linda GUTSTEIN (Private)
    Linda KROUSKROUP (est.1941-1951 - unknown)
    Linda TURKEL (Private)
    Linda TURKEL (Private)
    Linda ZWIBELMAN (Private)
    Linda Marie TURKEL (Private)
    Lindel TERKEL (est.1825-1845 - unknown)
    Lindsay FRIEDMAN (Private)
    Lindsey SCNEIDER (Private)
    Linor RONEN (Private)
    Lior MAMU (Private)
    Lior NATTIV (Private)
    Lior TAL (Private)
    Liora ?MAIDEN (est.1870-1884 - unknown)
    Lipfe Majer TERKIL (est.1826-1861)
    Lippe DLIGATZ (1886 - unknown)
    Lippe WALTUCH (est.1815-1835 - unknown)
    Lippe Leib (Louis) TURKEL (17 Jan 1889-Sep 1978)
    Lipy TYRKEL (est.1830-1860-1879)
    Liran BEN-AMI (Private)
    Liran BEN-EZRA (Private)
    Liron NEGRIN (Private)
    Liron SHTEIN (Private)
    Lisa ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Lisa FERG (Private)
    Lisa FREMONT (Private)
    Lisa TURKEL (Private)
    Lisa Lee ECKSTEIN (2 Mar 1963-16 Jun 1985)
    Lisa Rachel KORN (Private)
    Liselotte ROTHAMMER (15 Mar 1943-28 Jan 1991)
    Lital MAMU (Private)
    Lital NEGRIN (Private)
    Livia ROSENBERG (Private)
    Lizzie SCHAPIRA (1880-est.1955)
    Lloyd FEINBERG (Private)
    Lloyd SOBEL (Private)
    Lloyd TURKLE (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    Lois GOLON (Private)
    Lola KALINSKY (est.1883-1900-1942)
    Lola TURKEL (1 Jan 1907-4 Nov 1992)
    Lolla RABINOWITSCH (Private)
    Lolo FUX (Private)
    Lonek Jacob WEISMAN (1911-24 May 1994)
    Lonia TURKEL (Private)
    Lonia TURKEL (Private)
    Lora FREMONT (Private)
    Lora WHITTEN (Private)
    Loraine Bernice DELITIVSKY DAILY (Private)
    Lori FEINSTEIN (Private)
    Lorraine ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Lorraine CRITES (Private)
    Lorraine Marjorie ASTOR (Private)
    Lotte Sheind`l TURKEL (9 Sep 1907-AFT. 1988)
    Louis KATZ (est.1880-1890 - unknown)
    Louis SEFMAN (est.1899 - unknown)
    Louis TURKEL (14 Jan 1914-16 Mar 1976)
    Louis (Lou) TURKEL (Private)
    Louis Studs TERKEL (Private)
    Louisa ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Louise ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Louise (Turkle) ?MAIDEN (10 Apr 1911-21 Oct 1994)
    Louren TURKEL (Private)
    Lucia ?MAIDEN (est.1890 - unknown)
    Lucille ALT (Private)
    Ludwig TURKEL (1905-1942)
    Lura TURKEL (est.1869-1871 - unknown)
    Lusia [wife of Adam T] ?MAIDEN (est.1904-1942)
    Lyda HONIG (est.1885-1895 - unknown)
    Lynette SCHRECK (Private)
    Lynn GOLDSMITH (Private)
    Lynn TERKEL (Private)
    Lynn S ?MAIDEN (Private)

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