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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with K

    K ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Kalman Israel GOLDREICH (Private)
    Kalman Issac MILLER (Private)
    Kalman Moses TIRKEL (est.1820-1840-est.1869-1940)
    Kalman Moses TURKEL (est.1840-1860-est.1881-1950)
    Kalman Paltiel SCHAPIRA (Nov 1856-Mar 1938)
    Kalman Shaul WILLNER (est.1869-1900 - unknown)
    Kanah LOVITCH (Private)
    Karen ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Karen ROTHAUS (Private)
    Karen TERKEL (Private)
    Karen (Jones) TURKEL (Private)
    Karen Elaine CHAPMAN (Private)
    Karl LANDAU (est.1925-est.1942)
    Karl TURKEL (7 Mar 1918-Apr 1971)
    Karl Timothy OTTOSSON (Private)
    Karl Ulrik OTTOSSON (Private)
    Karlie SCNEIDER (Private)
    Karolina [mother of Sarah P] ?MAIDEN (est.1835-1848 - unknown)
    Katerine Ann (Katie) TURKEL (Private)
    Kathleen TERKEL (Private)
    Kathrine Ann TURKEL (Private)
    Kathy TURKEL (Private)
    Katie VAN DOORN (Private)
    Katmryn TURKEL (Private)
    Keila GREITZ (1884-1942)
    Keila SCHAUBERG (1884 - unknown)
    Keila SCHMIERER (1885 - unknown)
    Keila SOMERSTEIN (est.1835-1855 - unknown)
    Keile ?MAIDEN (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Keith TURKEL (Private)
    Kelly ROSS (Private)
    Kelsey SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Ken OPIN (Private)
    Ken ROSENTHAL (Private)
    Kenneth TERKEL (Private)
    Kenneth G TURKEL (Private)
    Kenneth Graeme SHAPIRO (Private)
    Keren NIR (Private)
    Keren SHAY (Private)
    Kevin CRIPPS (Private)
    Kim ? (Private)
    Kim ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Kim TURKEL (Private)
    Kim TURKEL (Private)
    Klara MANDEL (est.1850-1880 - unknown)
    Klod Shlomo KHAIAT-KEIDAR (Private)
    Koba ARTEL (est.1905-1913-est.1942)
    Kobi TYRKEL (Private)
    Kopel BAND (est.1825-1845 - unknown)
    Kopel TERKEL (1917-est.1941-1944)
    Kraig ? (Private)
    Kreyne TERKEL (est.1855-1875-est.1895-1950)
    Krezel TURKEL (1881 - unknown)
    Ksiel ALTBERG (1892 - unknown)
    Kurt SCHULER (10 May 1915-5 Jan 1945)

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