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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with J

    Jachiel TURKEL (4 Feb 1879-AFT. 1939)
    Jack COGAS (12 Dec 1898-3 Aug 1999)
    Jack ELLMAN (Private)
    Jack HOAR (Private)
    Jack KORN (17 Oct 1905-30 Sep 1959)
    Jack MOUCHLY (1885-1960)
    Jack REHFELD (1910-1978)
    Jack SULLIVAN (Private)
    Jack TURKEL (1902-1903)
    Jack TURKEL (est.1887 - unknown)
    Jack TURKEL (Private)
    Jack TURKEL (Private)
    Jack TURKLE (15 Jan 1932-Jul 1997)
    Jack WOLF (1880-1949)
    Jack Jay TURKEL (Private)
    Jack John TURKEL (Private)
    Jacob ALTBERG (1869 - unknown)
    Jacob ALTER (Private)
    Jacob APSIS (1869 - unknown)
    Jacob BARTMAN (Private)
    Jacob DLIGATZ (est.1845-1865 - unknown)
    Jacob FRANKEL (est.1894-1913-1942)
    Jacob GARTENBERG (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    Jacob GENSER (1862 - unknown)
    Jacob GILL (1907-1979)
    Jacob GRETZ (est.1830-1845 - unknown)
    Jacob GUTMANN (est.1820-1850-est.1871-1940)
    Jacob GUTSTEIN (est.1870-1951)
    Jacob KAMINKER (9 Oct 1854-1899)
    Jacob MARGALIOT (est.1896-1921-est.1941-1943)
    Jacob MARINBERG (Private)
    Jacob MINKIN (Private)
    Jacob NAGLER (est.1906-1910-est.1941-1943)
    Jacob PAPIER (Private)
    Jacob SCHMIERER (1881 - unknown)
    Jacob SHEIN (est.1880-1890 - unknown)
    Jacob TERKEL (1919-1942)
    Jacob TERKEL (est.1884-1887-1972)
    Jacob TURKEL (1 Nov 1889-Dec 1976)
    Jacob TURKEL (1 Nov 1890-Dec 1967)
    Jacob TURKEL (1 Oct 1880-Jan 1978)
    Jacob TURKEL (10 Oct 1894-Mar 1979)
    Jacob TURKEL (1884 - unknown)
    Jacob TURKEL (1904 - unknown)
    Jacob TURKEL (5 Jan 1821 - unknown)
    Jacob TURKEL (est.1895 - unknown)
    Jacob TURKEL (Private)
    Jacob TURKEL (Private)
    Jacob TURKEL (Private)
    Jacob TURKEL (est.1760-1840)
    Jacob TURKEL (est.1853 - unknown)
    Jacob TURKEL (est.1857 - unknown)
    Jacob TURKEL (est.1860-1880-est.1897-1940)
    Jacob TURKEL (est.1871 - unknown)
    Jacob TURKEL (est.1871-1893 - unknown)
    Jacob TURKEL (est.1875-1955)
    Jacob TURKEL (est.1879-1978)
    Jacob TURKELL (6 Aug 1911-8 Mar 1988)
    Jacob WEIDENFELD (est.1836-1891 - unknown)
    Jacob WEINTRAUB (1895 - unknown)
    Jacob WOLF (est.1870-1885 - unknown)
    Jacob YARKONI (4 Sep 1953-31 Jul 1990)
    Jacob ZAJFMAN (est.1892 - unknown)
    Jacob (Kuba) FELLER (est.1921-1941-est.1941-1943)
    Jacob (Yankel) TURKEL (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Jacob (Yekele) TURKEL (Rabbi) (1899-25 Oct 1942)
    Jacob Feinisch WEIDENFELD (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Jacob Nechemia TURKEL (est.1905-1915-1967)
    Jacob Reese HILLMAN (Private)
    Jacob? TURKEL (est.1800-1827-est.1845-1895)
    Jacqueline ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Jacqueline ARNONE (Private)
    Jacqueline BORDEN (Private)
    Jacqueline ULMAN (Private)
    Jacquelyn MASTERS (Private)
    Jacquline TURKEL (Private)
    Jaime Lyn TURKEL (Private)
    Jake BOYLE (Private)
    Jakob "The Sepharadi of Krakow" MUNIAN (est.1680-1700 - unknown)
    Jakob Henryk BAUMINGER (est.1888-1895 - unknown)
    James GERBER (Private)
    James TERKEL (Private)
    James TERKEL (est.1880 - unknown)
    James TURKLE (13 Jun 1887-Jan 1969)
    James TURKLE (est.1850 - unknown)
    James McAllison TURKEL (Private)
    James Michael PEARCE (Private)
    James S TURKLE (est.1855-1865 - unknown)
    James Stuart (Jay) TURKEL (Private)
    Jami FREEMAN (Private)
    Jamie ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Jamie TURKELL (Private)
    Jane ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Jane HOROVITZ (Private)
    Jane KANTOR (Private)
    Jane MILLER (1903-1984)
    Jane TURKEL (Private)
    Jane TURKEL (Private)
    Janed ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Janette COHEN (Private)
    Janice ROSENGARD (Private)
    Janice SOBEL (Private)
    Jankiel Lejb WACJ (1866 - unknown)
    Jared PETERSON (Private)
    Jaret ELLMAN (Private)
    Jason ? (Private)
    Jason HISEY (Private)
    Jason LUFT (Private)
    Jason ROTH (Private)
    Jay SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Jay SCNEIDER (Private)
    Jay Ashley BOUTWELL (Private)
    Jay Elliott TERKEL (Private)
    Jean ?MAIDEN (4 May 1902-Jan 1996)
    Jeanne CRICKENBERGER (Private)
    Jeanne (Tierkel) FENTON (Private)
    Jeanne Sarah MARCUS (Private)
    Jeannie TROKEL (1899 - unknown)
    Jeannie WOLF (Private)
    Jeff KLEIGMAN (Private)
    Jeff LUFT (Private)
    Jeff TURKEL (Private)
    Jeffery TURKEL (Private)
    Jeffrey SCHAFER (Private)
    Jeffrey STEIN (Private)
    Jeffrey TURKEL (Private)
    Jeffrey TURKEL (Private)
    Jeffrey TURKEL (Private)
    Jeffrey I. TURKEL (Private)
    Jeffrey S COGAS (Private)
    Jenifer HARTMAN (Private)
    Jenifer TURKEL (Private)
    Jeniffer ? (Private)
    Jennie ECKSTEIN (11 Jan 1879 - unknown)
    Jennie GOLDSTEIN (Private)
    Jennie MOZER (2 Sep 1892-May 1968)
    Jennie TURKEL (est.1898-1899-1977)
    Jennie (Zelda) MAGID (1871 - unknown)
    Jennifer ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Jennifer EDWARDS (Private)
    Jennifer GURWITZ (Private)
    Jennifer TURKEL (Private)
    Jenny TURKEL (UNKNOWN-27 Nov 1952)
    Jenny (Gzseni) Gusta TURKEL (11 Dec 1886-1942)
    Jente FRANKEL (1880 - unknown)
    Jente KATZ (1897 - unknown)
    Jente Bluma HALPERN (1884 - unknown)
    Jente Rachel SCHONBERG (1888 - unknown)
    Jenty ALTBERG (1883 - unknown)
    Jenty Braine BRILLER (1883 - unknown)
    Jerald L. DUNN (Private)
    Jeremy GOMO (Private)
    Jeremy GROSS (Private)
    Jeremy Samuel LEE (Private)
    Jermy TURKEL (Private)
    Jerome (Jerry) JICK (1919-1988)
    Jerome Christopher TURKEL (Private)
    Jerry SCHARE (Private)
    Jerry TIERSTEIN (Private)
    Jerry TURKEL (Private)
    Jerry TURKEL (Private)
    Jesse ALLIS (Private)
    Jesse Stewart SHAPIRO (Private)
    Jessica GOMO (Private)
    Jessica LEVINE (Private)
    Jessica Fay COGAS (Private)
    Jessica Loraine LEE (Private)
    Jessica Rose BOUTWELL (Private)
    Jesslyn KROUSKROUP (est.1942-1953 - unknown)
    Jesslyn Louise MANNING (est.1920-1925 - unknown)
    Jill COHEN (Private)
    Jill KRASNY (Private)
    Jill SELESNER (Private)
    Jillian GURWITZ (Private)
    Jim LAVIN (Private)
    Jimmie SHAW (Private)
    Jindrich TURKEL (31 Oct 1924-18 Apr 1942)
    Jita TURKEL (est.1850-1880 - unknown)
    JoAnn Elisabeth TURKEL (Private)
    Joan REHELD (1938-1986)
    Joan TERKEL (Private)
    Joann ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Joanna Betty SOBEL (Private)
    Joanne Denise TURKEL (Private)
    Jocelyn Sue ECKSTEIN (Private)
    Joel ? (Private)
    Joel ALTBERG (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Joel GELBER (Private)
    Joel GROSS (1892 - unknown)
    Joel SILVER (Private)
    Joel TURKEL (Private)
    John GOMO (Private)
    John KINGSTON (27 Mar 1930-27 Dec 1980)
    John MELILLO (Private)
    John TIRKLE (est.1870 - unknown)
    John TURKEL (6 Feb 1904-Dec 1983)
    John TURKLE (9 Apr 1904-Aug 1952)
    John WOLF (Private)
    John David TURKEL (Private)
    John H SCHWAB (est.1860 - unknown)
    John W. TURKLE (est.1830-AFT. 1830)
    Jon (Jonathan) BOOK (Private)
    Jona WEITZKORN (est.1850-1875-est.1893-1940)
    Jonathan BARLEV (Private)
    Jonathan LEE (Private)
    Jonathan PETERSON (Private)
    Jonathan TURKEL (Private)
    Jonathan TURKEL (Private)
    Jonathan Gordon FRISH (Private)
    Jonathan Michael TURKEL (Private)
    Jonathon GURWITZ (Private)
    Jordan Elijah TERKEL (Private)
    Jose TIERKEL (Private)
    Josef KALINSKY (est.1883-1900-1930)
    Josef TURKEL (est.1889 - unknown)
    Josef TURKEL (est.1891 - unknown)
    Josef TYRKEL (Private)
    Josef WAJC (est.1840-1850 - unknown)
    Josef Henryk (Zvi) YACOBI (Private)
    Joseph BALTUCH (est.1881 - unknown)
    Joseph BIRNBERG (est.1906-1917-est.1942)
    Joseph DZIEGANSKI (1915-1939)
    Joseph EIBSHITZ (est.1880-1925-est.1941-1943)
    Joseph EICHENBAUM (est.1874-1892-est.1941-1943)
    Joseph FRIEDMANN (1870 - unknown)
    Joseph GEIGER (Private)
    Joseph GENSER (1887 - unknown)
    Joseph GOLDSTEIN (Private)
    Joseph HADAD BARZILAI (Private)
    Joseph HAKENBROCH (Private)
    Joseph HORNIK (Private)
    Joseph KALMAN (Private)
    Joseph LEWKOVSKI BARLEV (Dr.) (1912-2 Nov 1998)
    Joseph LINDE (est.1895 - unknown)
    Joseph SMOLOWITZ (15 Mar 1874-28 Jun 1924)
    Joseph STERNBERG (est.1870-1885 - unknown)
    Joseph STRICK (est.1877-1897 - unknown)
    Joseph TERKEL (1875 - unknown)
    Joseph TERKEL (1884 - unknown)
    Joseph TERKEL (Private)
    Joseph TERKEL (est.1835-1855-est.1881-1940)
    Joseph TERKEL (est.1894-1910-est.1942-1943)
    Joseph TIERKEL (AFT. 1888 - unknown)
    Joseph TIRKEL (UNKNOWN-est.1942-1943)
    Joseph TRICKEL (Private)
    Joseph TUERKEL (est.1870-1883 - unknown)
    Joseph TURKEL (1881 - unknown)
    Joseph TURKEL (1900 - unknown)
    Joseph TURKEL (1900-1983)
    Joseph TURKEL (1901 - unknown)
    Joseph TURKEL (1905-est.1942)
    Joseph TURKEL (23 Feb 1900-Oct 1983)
    Joseph TURKEL (7 Mar 1901-Mar 1971)
    Joseph TURKEL (Jan 1850 - unknown)
    Joseph TURKEL (Private)
    Joseph TURKEL (Private)
    Joseph TURKEL (Private)
    Joseph TURKEL (Private)
    Joseph TURKEL (Private)
    Joseph TURKEL (est.1840-1860-est.1882-1950)
    Joseph TURKL (1874-est.1920-1926)
    Joseph TURKL (22 Jul 1914-7 Jun 1993)
    Joseph TURKLE (2 Sep 1945-Aug 1973)
    Joseph TURKLE (est.1830-AFT. 1830)
    Joseph TYRKEL (est.1915-est.1942)
    Joseph WOLF (1910-1987)
    Joseph (Josel) WEIDENFELD (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Joseph (Turkel) TURKIEL (Private)
    Joseph (Yossele) KAMINKER (1876-1878)
    Joseph (Yossi) DZIEGANSKI-DAGAN (Private)
    Joseph Abraham TURKEL (est.1870-1885-5 Feb 1922)
    Joseph David TURKEL (1891-1966)
    Joseph Joe TURKEL (Private)
    Joseph Joe TURKEL (Private)
    Joseph M TERKEL (1844-1920)
    Joseph Mordechai WEISS (est.1825-1845 - unknown)
    Joseph Nachum ALTBERG (1882 - unknown)
    Joseph Pincus TURKEL (est.1870 - unknown)
    Joseph Pinkas TURKEL (Private)
    Joseph Samuel (Shmuel) SCHIEFERMANN (1867 - unknown)
    Joseph Yuhr (Juer) TURKEL SEIFSTEIN (est.1871 - unknown)
    Joshua DESTON (Private)
    Joshua FREEMAN (Private)
    Joshua ROSENTHAL (Private)
    Joshua SCHARE (Private)
    Joshua WOLF (Private)
    Joshua Elliott Kee-Soo TERKEL (Private)
    Joshua Paul ARCHER (Private)
    Joseph GENSER (1878 - unknown)
    Joseph LUNGE (1878 - unknown)
    Joy TERKEL (Private)
    Jozef Nechemie KORNITZER (est.1870-1890 - unknown)
    Juanita TURKEL (1939-1989)
    Juda TURKEL (est.1810-1830 - unknown)
    Judah CHASKLA (est.1830-1850-est.1868-1930)
    Jude (Hinde) TURKEL (1901 - unknown)
    Judel KAMINKER (1885 - unknown)
    Judi COHEN (Private)
    Judi TURKEL (Private)
    Judith SCHARF (Private)
    Judith TERKEL (Private)
    Judy ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Judy ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Judy KAHAN (Private)
    Judy Kay MEYERS (Private)
    Juhari KAVEH (Private)
    Jukel HALPERN (1880 - unknown)
    Julek TERKEL (1911-1942)
    Julia ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Julia REINER (Private)
    Julia TURKEL (1 Mar 1901-Apr 1968)
    Julia TURKEL (29 Dec 1901-Jun 1979)
    Julia Elizabeth TURKEL (Private)
    Julia Elizabeth TURKEL (Private)
    Julian BELL (Private)
    Julian WOLF (Private)
    Julie IZEN (Dr.) (Private)
    Julie TURKEL (Private)
    Julie TURKEL (Private)
    Julie TURKEL (Private)
    Julie B TURKEL (Private)
    Julie Lynne DAITCH (Private)
    Julius TURKEL (5 Oct 1915-Feb 1977)
    Julius Michael (Joe) TURKEL (7 Dec 1912-9 Jan 1953)
    June TARNER (Private)
    Juno TURKEL (Private)
    Justin ROTH (Private)
    Jutta APSIS (1880 - unknown)
    Jutta SPEICHER (1873 - unknown)
    Jutte HALPERN (1896 - unknown)
    Jutte MARCUS (1881 - unknown)

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