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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with I

    Ian LOVE (Private)
    Ian SHAKED (Private)
    Ian Lee FRIEDMAN (Private)
    Ian Richard SYMONS (Private)
    Icek Elowicz TURKEL (est.1795-1800 - unknown)
    Ida GOLDBERG (Private)
    Ida HAKENBROCH (1917-9 May 1943)
    Ida KAHANE (1902-est.1942-1943)
    Ida TROKEL (Mar 1886 - unknown)
    Ida TURKEL (15 Mar 1895-Jul 1981)
    Ida TURKEL (Private)
    Idan TIRKEL (Private)
    Idit LEVI (Private)
    Idit RAFAELI (Private)
    Ido YACOBI (Private)
    Ifat ELBERBAUM (Private)
    Ignacy TIRKEL (Private)
    Ilan BOOK (Private)
    Ilan RIS (Private)
    Ilan TIRKEL ISHAI (Private)
    Ilana ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Ilana STEIN (Private)
    Ilana (Helena) DZIEGANSKI (Private)
    Ilanit ? (Private)
    Ileen GOLDSMITH (Private)
    Ilene WALLACH (Private)
    Imanuel ORKOV (Private)
    Imanuel TIRKEL (Private)
    Imanuel TURKEL (est.1908-est.1942-1943)
    Ina TURKEL (Private)
    Inbar FRIBERG (Private)
    Inbar NEGRIN (Private)
    Inbar RIS (Private)
    Ira TURKEL (Private)
    Ire Feiwish KAMINKER (19 Jun 1928-est.1942-1943)
    Irena Orah ACKERMAN (4 Aug 1912-22 Aug 2001)
    Irene FRIEDMAN (Private)
    Irene KIRCHHAUSEN (est.1915-1925-May 2000)
    Irene TERKEL (5 Sep 1904-Oct 1987)
    Iri AMIRAV (Private)
    Irma ?MAIDEN (10 Feb 1895-18 Apr 1942)
    Irma TERKEL (18 Mar 1888-Sep 1969)
    Irma WEISZ (est.1884-1895 - unknown)
    Irving EDELSON (Private)
    Irving SCHERER (Private)
    Irving SILVER (est.1891-1910 - unknown)
    Irving TURKEL (12 Apr 1884-Jan 1972)
    Irving TURKEL (18 Jan 1907-Aug 1986)
    Irving TURKEL (20 Apr 1921-24 Jan 1991)
    Irving TURKEL (23 Aug 1913-12 Jun 2000)
    Irving TURKEL (Private)
    Irving TURKEL (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Isaac WEINBERG (est.1880-1893 - unknown)
    Isaac (Milchinsky) MILLER (est.1870 - unknown)
    Isadore SHAPIRO (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Isadore SMOLOWITZ (1909-1974)
    Isadore TURKEL (est.1876-1887 - unknown)
    Isadore WEINSTEIN (est.1875-1895 - unknown)
    Isadore (Iz) BERMAN (Private)
    Ishia Aizik TURKEL (1893-Sep 1941)
    Isi RUBINSTEIN (Private)
    Isidor DZIEGANSKI (est.1877-1879 - unknown)
    Isidor TERKEL (28 Nov 1884-1941)
    Isidore SCHWEITZER (25 Feb 1899 - unknown)
    Iska HAMILISKY (est.1860-1870 - unknown)
    Iska LOVITCH (Private)
    Israel EIBSHITZ (est.1900-1930-est.1941-1943)
    Israel EICHENBAUM (1874 - unknown)
    Israel EIDELBERG (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Israel FUX (est.1870-1890 - unknown)
    Israel GENSER (1862 - unknown)
    Israel GENSER (1883 - unknown)
    Israel GENSER (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Israel GENSER (est.1835-1855 - unknown)
    Israel GENSER (est.1835-1857 - unknown)
    Israel GENSER (est.1835-1857 - unknown)
    Israel GENSER (est.1843-1863 - unknown)
    Israel GENSER (est.1865-1875-est.1942)
    Israel GUTMANN (1871 - unknown)
    Israel HA-COHEN (Private)
    Israel HALPERN (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Israel HOROVITZ (est.1890-1907-est.1941-1943)
    Israel KAMINKER (1883-1883)
    Israel LEITER (Private)
    Israel MARGALIOT (est.1914-1925-est.1941-1943)
    Israel MINKIN (Private)
    Israel NAGLER (est.1874-1911-est.1941-1943)
    Israel RABINOWITSCH (1 Dec 1896-30 Aug 1955)
    Israel SANHEDRAI (Private)
    Israel SHEINFELD (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Israel TERKEL (Private)
    Israel TERKEL (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Israel TIRKEL (1876-est.1942)
    Israel TURKEL (1907-est.1943)
    Israel TURKEL (1908-1942)
    Israel TURKEL (UNKNOWN-Feb 1994)
    Israel TURKEL (UNKNOWN-est.1942-1943)
    Israel TURKEL (est.1870-1891-est.1941-1943)
    Israel (Lulik) TIRKEL (Private)
    Israel (Lusio) TURKEL (Oct 1919-22 Jul 1940)
    Israel (Srulke) TURKEL (1899-1919)
    Israel Hersch WEISWOLL (est.1790-1810 - unknown)
    Israel Itzhak EICHENBAUM (est.1870-1883 - unknown)
    Israel Itzhak TERKEL (1898 - unknown)
    Israel Meir ALTER (Private)
    Israel Menachem GUR-ARIEH (TURKEL) (Private)
    Israel Menachem TIRKEL (14 Oct 1909-8 Jun 1948)
    Israel Menachem TURKEL (UNKNOWN-est.1941-1943)
    Israel Menachem TURKEL (est.1912-1922-1 Jun 1939)
    Israel Menachem (Bubi) EICHENBAUM (est.1917-1922-est.1941-1943)
    Israel Menachem Alter FUX (est.1897-1912-est.1941-1943)
    Israel Menachem Alter TURKL (Rabbi) (1830-5 Mar 1892)
    Israel Nussenbaum STOCK (est.1870-1890 - unknown)
    Israel Salomon (Sam) TURKEL (12 Jan 1878 - unknown)
    Israel Simon TURKEL (9 Jan 1911-23 Jul 1980)
    Israel Yechiel TURKEL (1883 - unknown)
    Issac GENSER (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Issac GENSER (est.1844-1864 - unknown)
    Issac TERKEL (1822 - unknown)
    Issac Leib TIRKEL (1869 - unknown)
    Isser HELLMAN (1895 - unknown)
    Ita ?MAIDEN (est.1845-1865 - unknown)
    Itai BEN-AMI (Private)
    Itai FREIMAN (Private)
    Itai RONEN (Private)
    Ithiel NUSSENBAUM (est.1872-1891 - unknown)
    Ithiel PANN (Private)
    Itzchak DANIELY (1901-1981)
    Itzekl Genechov Genes known as Jacob HENES (2 Oct 1859-est.1919)
    Itzhak BLUSHTEIN (est.1860-1875 - unknown)
    Itzhak FEIGENBAUM (est.1835-1855 - unknown)
    Itzhak GENSER (1870 - unknown)
    Itzhak KAHANE (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Itzhak KARMONA (Private)
    Itzhak NUSSENBAUM (est.1850-1851 - unknown)
    Itzhak TAFFET (est.1840-1850-est.1942)
    Itzhak TIRKEL (est.1550-1575-Jun 1596)
    Itzhak TURKEL (est.1855-1877-est.1942)
    Itzhak TURKEL (est.1899 - unknown)
    Itzhak TURKEL (est.1907-1917-1942)
    Itzhak (Idzko) Wolf TORKIEL (1825 - unknown)
    Itzhak (Isaak) KORKUS (1886 - unknown)
    Itzhak (Isaak) TURKEL (est.1899 - unknown)
    Itzhak Arie VINGARTEN (est.1860-1871 - unknown)
    Itzhak Meir (Meyer) PRINZ (1886 - unknown)
    Itzhak Mordechai TURKEL (1886 - unknown)
    Itzhak Shmuel (Eisig Schmiel) TIRKEL (1882 - unknown)
    Itzik BEN-AMI (Private)
    Iusek JAMPOLER (est.1892-1920 - unknown)
    Izadore Arthur WALLACH (16 Jul 1902-28 Jan 1956)
    Izo FINETUCH (Private)
    Izrajel Zysze TURKEL (est.1845-1865 - unknown)
    Iztahk (Isaak) ? (1889 - unknown)

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