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index of persons first-name begins with G

    Gabriele Fanny HAKENBROCH (27 Jul 1924-1993)
    Gabrielle (Gaby) WOLF (Private)
    Gad YAHAV (Private)
    Gai BARZILAI (Private)
    Gail FRANK (Private)
    Gail GOLDSMITH (Private)
    Gail TURKEL (Private)
    Galana Gnendle TURKEL (AFT. 1883 - unknown)
    Galia SHAMIR (Private)
    Garret FRIEDMAN (Private)
    Gary FEINSTEIN (Private)
    Gary LAPIDUS (Private)
    Gary TURKEL (Private)
    Gary TURKLE (5 Feb 1944-Jan 1977)
    Gazella TURKEL (UNKNOWN-Oct 2000)
    Gdalie KASTEN (1875 - unknown)
    Gedaliha NE'EMAN (Private)
    Gela TYRKIEL (1861 - unknown)
    Gene FERG (Private)
    Genia NASHOFFER (Private)
    Genia TURKEL (1900-1986)
    Genty ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Geoffrey (Smolowitz) SMALL (Private)
    George COHEN (Private)
    George SCHWEITZER (est.1880 - unknown)
    George SHAPIRO (Private)
    George TERKEL (23 Jan 1914-13 Apr 1998)
    George TURKEL (1 Aug 1904-May 1984)
    George TURKEL (15 Mar 1905-1 Jun 1996)
    George TURKEL (1905 - unknown)
    George TURKLE (est.1860 - unknown)
    George WOLF (Private)
    George A III KROUSKROUP (est.1940-1950 - unknown)
    George A. (Buck) KROUSKROUP, JR. (est.1919-1921 - unknown)
    George Alexander KROUSKROUP (23 Apr 1899-Nov 1967)
    George D TURKEL (Private)
    George S. SCHWAB (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Georges TURKEL (est.1879 - unknown)
    Gerald MCCABE (Private)
    Gerald WOLFSON (Private)
    Gerald M TURKEL (Private)
    Gerald Samuel SHAPIRO (Private)
    Geraldine GELBER (Private)
    Geraldine LOCKER (28 Jan 1921-20 Aug 1997)
    Geraldine SHMULEVITZ (Private)
    Gerschen FRANKEL (1877 - unknown)
    Gershon ? (1894 - unknown)
    Gershon TURKEL (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Gerti TURKEL (Private)
    Gertrude BOHRER (Private)
    Gertrude TIRKEL (29 Dec 1900-Jun 1985)
    Gertrude TURKEL (20 Jan 1908-Dec 1976)
    Gertrude TURKEL (27 Jul 1912-13 May 1993)
    Gertrude TURKLE (Private)
    Gertrude (Golde Gerti) TURKEL (21 Jan 1886 - unknown)
    Gertude (Turkell) ?MAIDEN (5 Jun 1904-17 Jan 1997)
    Gerzon GENSER (1883 - unknown)
    Getzl TELER (est.1899-1921-est.1941-1943)
    Getzl TURKEL (est.1860-1879 - unknown)
    Gideon BEN-YOSEF (Private)
    Gideon BOOK (Private)
    Gigi FONG (Private)
    Gil BEN-YOSEF (Private)
    Gila GAFNI (Private)
    Gila LEITER (Private)
    Gila Fraidl LEITER (AFT. 1931-est.1941-1943)
    Gilad MA'AYAN (Private)
    Gilad Shmuel BARLEV (Private)
    Gina OLIVIER (Private)
    Gina Elizabeth TURKEL (Private)
    Ginya KALINSKY (1896-1964)
    Gisela ?MAIDEN (est.1877 - unknown)
    Gisela (Gissie) ROZENGARTEN (31 Mar 1912-26 Aug 2000)
    Git`l (Buchenrath) BACKENROTH (1886-31 Oct 1963)
    Gita TURKEL (Private)
    Gita TURKEL (UNKNOWN-est.1942-1943)
    Gitel SCHNEE (est.1850-1864 - unknown)
    Gitel Alica TURKEL (est.1869 - unknown)
    Gittel BERNSTEIN (1889 - unknown)
    Gittel GENSER (1875 - unknown)
    Gittel HAMMERLING (est.1844-1864 - unknown)
    Gittel HERTZBERG (1917-est.1942)
    Gittel ROTH (Private)
    Gittel TURKEL (est.1840-1860-est.1882-1950)
    Gittel TURKEL (est.1845-1865-est.1893-1940)
    Gittel TURKEL (est.1898-1905-est.1943)
    Gittel Frida ?MAIDEN (est.1800-1860-1894)
    Gittel Leah TERKEL (1838-est.1867-1945)
    Gittel Sarrah TURKEL (1838-est.1890-1920)
    Gittel vel Gusta FRANZOS (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Gittel vel Jenny TERKEL (1878 - unknown)
    Gizela HOCHMAN (est.1895 - unknown)
    Glenn MAYER (Private)
    Glenn Avery GRADIS (Private)
    Gloria GEIGER (Private)
    Gloria NUÑEZ (Private)
    Gloria SCHERER (Private)
    Gnedla ?MAIDEN (UNKNOWN - unknown)
    Gnedla TYRKIEL (est.1790-1810 - unknown)
    Golda ?MAIDEN (est.1900-est.1942)
    Golda GENSER (1886 - unknown)
    Golda KATZ (1913-1941)
    Golda PAPIER (1914-est.1942)
    Golda VITZNER (est.1912-1914-est.1942-1944)
    Golda WEIS (est.1820-1840-est.1867-1940)
    Golda WOLF (est.1890-1906-1942)
    Grant TROESTER (Private)
    Greti\Betti? TURKEL (1860-est.1927-1931)
    Grine Mindel EICHENBAUM (1889 - unknown)
    Grune ?MAIDEN (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Grune KAMINKER (17 May 1853 - unknown)
    Gussie ?MAIDEN (1888 - unknown)
    Gussie GOLDBERG (1894-1953)
    Gussie\Gertrude? ?MAIDEN (est.1860-est.1920)
    Gusta TURKEL (est.1884 - unknown)
    Gusta TURKEL (est.1898-1900 - unknown)
    Gustav TURKEL (est.1868 - unknown)
    Guy ISHAI (Private)

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