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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with D

    Dafna TIRKEL (Private)
    Dafna YAHAV (Private)
    Dahlia DESTON (Private)
    Daliah LEICHTER (Private)
    Dan TERKEL (Private)
    Dana BOOK (Private)
    Dana KOL (Private)
    Dana Moo YOUNG (Private)
    Dani BAR-KOCHVA (Private)
    Dani NEMET (Private)
    Daniel DANIELY (21 May 1928-26 Sep 1973)
    Daniel FREEMAN (Private)
    Daniel KOWAL (Private)
    Daniel STEINBERG (Private)
    Daniel TERKEL (Private)
    Daniel TSUCK (Private)
    Daniel TURKEL (Private)
    Daniel ZWIBELMAN (Private)
    Daniel J TURKEL (Private)
    Daniel Nathan TURKEL (Private)
    Daniel Scott MANDEL (Private)
    Daniela BIRMAN (Private)
    Daniela YAFFE (Private)
    Danielle ECKERT (Private)
    Danielle KRASNY (Private)
    Danielle Louise SHAPIRO (Private)
    Danna BROSNIAK (Private)
    Danny BIRKLEY (Private)
    Daphne ROSS (Private)
    Dave ELSAS (30 Jun 1881-18 Dec 1954)
    Dave GLICK (Private)
    David APSIS (1882 - unknown)
    David BEN-EZRA (Private)
    David BERLAS (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    David BRILLER (est.1870-1885-est.1868)
    David DACHER (1887 - unknown)
    David DARBY (Private)
    David DESTON (Private)
    David ELBERBAUM (Private)
    David FEUCHTWANGER (3 Apr 1832-19 Aug 1907)
    David FRANZOS (est.1810-1830 - unknown)
    David GENSER (1870 - unknown)
    David GENSER (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    David GERTIEMAN (Private)
    David GILL (Private)
    David GRUDIN (est.1895-1915 - unknown)
    David HARTMAN (Private)
    David JAFFE (Private)
    David KRIEG (Private)
    David KUWAT (Private)
    David LAYMAN (Private)
    David MUHLSTOCK (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    David OTIS (Private)
    David ROBINSON (Private)
    David ROTHAUS (Private)
    David RUTEN (1861 - unknown)
    David SCHNEIDER (Private)
    David SEFMAN (est.1901 - unknown)
    David SHEIN (Private)
    David SILLDORF (Private)
    David SILVER (Private)
    David TERKEL (Private)
    David TERZULOV-TUREI ZAHAV (Private)
    David TIRKEL (est.1890 - unknown)
    David TROYER (Private)
    David TURKEL (12 Oct 1871-8 Apr 1922)
    David TURKEL (18 Jul 1890-29 Sep 1974)
    David TURKEL (1896-1963)
    David TURKEL (20 Apr 1863 - unknown)
    David TURKEL (Private)
    David TURKEL (Private)
    David TURKEL (Private)
    David TURKEL (est.1873 - unknown)
    David TURKEL (est.1899-1906-est.1941-1943)
    David TURKEL (est.1919-1928-est.1942-1943)
    David TURKEL PARRELLA (Private)
    David ZWIBELMAN (Private)
    David Aba (Abish) ZAJFMAN (est.1892 - unknown)
    David Andrew TURKEL (Private)
    David Baer TIERKEL (Private)
    David Baer TURKEL-TIERKEL (est.1875-29 May 1948)
    David Benjamin LEE (Private)
    David Bernard TURKEL (Private)
    David Chaim TURKEL (est.1892-1893-AFT. 1930)
    David Dudi MARERO (Private)
    David Hans HAKENBROCH (Private)
    David Howard TURKEL (Dr.) (Private)
    David Joseph WEITZKORN (1890 - unknown)
    David Loren GRADIS (Private)
    David Mordechai LIBERMAN (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    David Salom GENSER (1883 - unknown)
    David Tzvi TURKEL (14 Mar 1912-8 Jul 1999)
    Davis MILLER (1904-1984)
    Dawid HABER (1890 - unknown)
    Dawid MAGID (MASZT) (est.1810-1825 - unknown)
    Dawid TERKEL (est.1825-1845 - unknown)
    Dawid TERKIL (1891 - unknown)
    Dawid TURKEL (1896 - unknown)
    Debbie TERKEL (Private)
    Debora TURKEL (1898-1929)
    Debora TURKEL (est.1854-1874 - unknown)
    Debora (Debra) TURKEL (est.1890 - unknown)
    Debora (Devera) TURKEL (9 Jun 1906-Nov 1985)
    Debora (Dora) TURKEL (1887 - unknown)
    Debora (Dvora) GENSER (Private)
    Debora (Dvora) MINTZER (est.1860-1872-est.1941)
    Debora (Dvora) WEIDHOPF (1893-11 Sep 1943)
    Debora (Dvortche) RUBENSTEIN (est.1860-1887 - unknown)
    Debora Necha EHRENPREIS (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    Deborah LANGER (1892-1952)
    Deborah MCLEAN (Private)
    Deborah SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Deborah (Debbie) SHAPIRO (Private)
    Deborah Ann LEVY (20 Aug 1971-21 Aug 1971)
    Debra (Debbie) WOLF (Private)
    Debra Lynn KALLICK (Private)
    Dempsey TURKLE (est.1840 - unknown)
    Denis BREITNER (Private)
    Denise Mae WALLACH (Private)
    Dennis TOBIN (RabbiCant) (Private)
    Derek Michael SHAPIRO (Private)
    Devera Verstein GORDON (1906-1985)
    Devon ? (Private)
    Devora NUSSENBAUM (est.1856-1860-22 Oct 1938)
    Devorah LAVIN (Private)
    Diana SAFRIN (22 Jun 1901-8 Apr 2000)
    Diane ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Diane ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Diane GUTSTEIN (Private)
    Diane B TERKEL (Private)
    Dikla LEICHTER (Private)
    Dikla PALMONY (Private)
    Dikla SHAY (Private)
    Dina FIDLER (est.1885 - unknown)
    Dina GENSER (1891 - unknown)
    Dina HALPERIN (Private)
    Dina NE'EMAN (Private)
    Dina [wife of Ber Terkel] ?MAIDEN (1892-est.1942)
    Dinah BUNTING (Private)
    Dinah DAVID (Private)
    Dion Eli SHAPIRO (Private)
    Dolev RAFAELI (Private)
    Dolores TURKEL (Private)
    Don WOOD (Private)
    Donald EDELSON (1 Jul 1930-1 May 1969)
    Donald FRIEDMAN (Private)
    Donald TERKEL (Private)
    Donald TURKEL (Private)
    Donald Neal ELSAS (Private)
    Donna GURWITZ (Private)
    Dora ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1867 - unknown)
    Dora JUSTER (est.1885-1890 - unknown)
    Dora KLINGER (est.1900-1920-est.1980)
    Dora KRAMER (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Dora TURKEL (est.1872-1894 - unknown)
    Dora (Chaja Dwera) MAGID (1874 - unknown)
    Dorette TURKEL (Private)
    Doris CHATTIN (Private)
    Doris L GILROY (18 Jan 1920-23 Dec 1999)
    Doris P TIERKEL (Private)
    Doron ALTERMAN (Private)
    Doron KRANZ (Private)
    Doron Abraham (Abraham) TIRKEL-TAL (Private)
    Dorothy ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Dorothy ?MAIDEN (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    Dorothy ?MAIDEN (est.1880-1901 - unknown)
    Dorothy BERK (1905-1974)
    Dorothy CERVI (Private)
    Dorothy GOLDBERG (1 Oct 1911-1 Sep 1997)
    Dorothy KRAL (Private)
    Dorothy SCHACED (est.1858-1868 - unknown)
    Dorothy SMITH (9 Apr 1906-8 Jul 1995)
    Dorothy TIRKEL (28 Feb 1902-2 Dec 1995)
    Dorothy TURKEL (19 Aug 1905-May 1974)
    Dorothy TURKEL (5 Apr 1901-Nov 1981)
    Dorothy TURKEL (Private)
    Dorothy (Dora) WALLACH (6 Jul 1893-12 Dec 1973)
    Dory SUTKER (Private)
    Douglas COHEN (28 Sep 1967-17 Apr 1989)
    Douglas DANIELS (Private)
    Douglas ROSENFELD (Private)
    Douglas Lindsay TURKEL (Private)
    Dov FRIBERG (Private)
    Dov NATTIV (Private)
    Dov Berish WEIDENFELD (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    Dov Eliezer TIRKEL (est.1830-1842 - unknown)
    Dov Joseph (Arthur) BEATRICE (Private)
    Drew James STEINBERG (Private)
    Drezel TURKEL (est.1766-1831)
    Dudika PASCAL (est.1920-1930-est.1990-1992)
    Dvirit DAGAN (Private)
    Dvorah KAMINKER (est.1830 - unknown)
    Dvosha (Dwosha) TURKEL (est.1865-1875 - unknown)
    Dwojry FRANKEL (1875 - unknown)
    Dwore ROTHSTEIN (1856 - unknown)
    Dwore Gittle TURKEL (est.1869 - unknown)
    Dylan Jake TURKEL (Private)

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