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The Turkel Tribe

index of persons first-name begins with B

    Barbara ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Barbara ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Barbara ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Barbara ?MAIDEN (est.1940-4 Jun 1999)
    Barbara FISHER (Private)
    Barbara GELBER (Private)
    Barbara GERBER (Private)
    Barbara HOLMES (Private)
    Barbara SILVER (Private)
    Barbara SOBEL (Private)
    Barbara TURKEL (14 May 1817 - unknown)
    Barbara TURKELL (Private)
    Barbara (Turkle) ?MAIDEN (15 Mar 1909-Jan 1985)
    Barbara Jean CUMMINGS (Private)
    Barbara Joyce GRADIS (Private)
    Barden Eliot GRADIS (Private)
    Barry TERKEL (31 Aug 1951-5 Oct 1991)
    Barry TURKEL (Private)
    Barry Keith DAITCH (Private)
    Baruch LOVITCH (Private)
    Baruch PLATZEK (est.1835-1846 - unknown)
    Baruch TAFFET (est.1904-1915-est.1942)
    Baruch TERKEL (Private)
    Baruch TURKL (Private)
    Baruch WEILER (1878 - unknown)
    Baruch ZWIBELMAN (Private)
    Baruch Shragah TURKEL (18 May 1965-16 Mar 1979)
    Basia Mania (Betty) GENSER (est.1891-1895 - unknown)
    Basie TERKEL (1877 - unknown)
    Bassie Chaya (Chaje) WEITZKORN (1893 - unknown)
    Bat Sheba HOROVITZ (Private)
    Batsheva ?MAIDEN (est.1875-est.1913)
    Batsheva KAMINKER (Private)
    Batya Guttman ROSENBAUM (est.1870-1890 - unknown)
    Bayla KAMINKER (est.1866-1869-1905)
    Beatrice ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Beatrice KORNBLUM (Private)
    Beatrice KUSHNICK (22 Dec 1919-1975)
    Beatrice TURKEL (16 Apr 1915-20 Dec 2000)
    Beatrice TURKEL (26 Jul 1902-Feb 1984)
    Beatrice TURKEL (27 Dec 1916-Dec 1975)
    Beatriz ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Bebby TURKEL (Private)
    Beile BARDACH (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Beile GENSER (1867 - unknown)
    Beile TEPER (est.1820-1838 - unknown)
    Beile (Beyle) TERKEL (1882 - unknown)
    Beile (Beyle) TERKEL (1884 - unknown)
    Beile (Beyle) TIRKEL (est.1830-1858-est.1880-1940)
    Beile Gittel ALTBERG (1886 - unknown)
    Beile Schifre ALTBERG (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    Beindele ?MAIDEN (est.1805-1810-est.1895)
    Bela ?MAIDEN (est.1795-1805 - unknown)
    Bela FAINTUCH (1917-est.1942)
    Bela SILVERMAN (est.1805-1828-est.1845-1895)
    Belle OPOCHINSKY (28 Nov 1917-13 Nov 1985)
    Belle SHOUP (est.1870-1887 - unknown)
    Belle C ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1864-1887)
    Bemjamin JUHARI (Private)
    Ben LAPIDUS (Private)
    Ben SILVER (Private)
    Ben TERKEL (5 Feb 1907-Feb 1965)
    Ben TURKEL (Private)
    Ben TURKEL (Private)
    Ben-Ami GRANOT (Private)
    Ben-Zion KAMINKER (est.1855-1890-est.1942-1943)
    Benjamin FLEISHMAN (est.1860-1880-est.1897-1950)
    Benjamin FLEISHMANN (est.1850-1875-est.1896-1940)
    Benjamin FREIMAN (Private)
    Benjamin HELLER (Private)
    Benjamin KAMINKER (est.1860-1902)
    Benjamin KASTEN (est.1830-1855 - unknown)
    Benjamin LEICHTER (Private)
    Benjamin SEFMAN (est.1895-est.1985)
    Benjamin TERKEL (Private)
    Benjamin TERKEL (est.1895-1899 - unknown)
    Benjamin TRICKEL (Private)
    Benjamin TURKEL (15 Mar 1893-May 1978)
    Benjamin TURKEL (1986-Feb 1986)
    Benjamin TURKEL (28 Jul 1899-14 Nov 1988)
    Benjamin TURKEL (Apr 1869 - unknown)
    Benjamin TURKEL (Private)
    Benjamin TURKEL (Private)
    Benjamin TURKEL (est.1850-1860 - unknown)
    Benjamin TURKEL (est.1870-1890 - unknown)
    Benjamin WEIDENFELD (est.1850-1870 - unknown)
    Benjamin ZAJFMAN (est.1895 - unknown)
    Benjamin J. TROYER (Private)
    Benjamin Leib GENSER (1878 - unknown)
    Benjamin Sol TURKEL (1889-1956)
    Benny TERKEL (Private)
    Ber TERKEL (est.1880-1892-AFT. 1957)
    Berche KUGEL (est.1880-1925-est.1941-1943)
    Berita TURKEL (Private)
    Berkold NUSSENBAUM (est.1881-1897 - unknown)
    Berl DACHER (est.1880-1886-est.1940-1943)
    Berl GOLDSTEIN (est.1840-1860 - unknown)
    Berl MORKS (est.1830-1855-est.1879-1940)
    Berl TERKEL (1876 - unknown)
    Berl TERKEL (1891-est.1942)
    Berl TURKEL (est.1835-1866 - unknown)
    Bernard TIRKEL (est.1933-est.1942-1943)
    Bernard TURKEL (5 Apr 1886-May 1967)
    Bernard TURKLA (11 Sep 1918-May 1985)
    Bernard (B-The-C) TURKEL (1864-13 Mar 1938)
    Bernard (Ber) TURKEL (26 Nov 1869 - unknown)
    Bernard J. TURKEL (Dr.) (Private)
    Bernhard TURKEL (9 Oct 1871 - unknown)
    Bernice ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Bernice GLUSKIN (Private)
    Bernice TURKEL (Private)
    Bersch HABER (1851 - unknown)
    Bertha STRICK (est.1882-1902 - unknown)
    Bertha TURKEL (est.1868 - unknown)
    Bertha (Bracha Elchanan) TURKEL (est.1860-1870-AFT. 1956)
    Bertha (Buddy) BROWN (Private)
    Beryl (Bernard) TURKEL (1845-13 May 1931)
    Bessie TURKEL (Jan 1878 - unknown)
    Bessie (Basia) Malke (Bertha Amelia) TURKEL (2 Aug 1880 - unknown)
    Bessie (Buzia) SCHMIDT (1915-1999)
    Bessie (Turkle) ?MAIDEN (11 Aug 1888-Nov 1974)
    Bessie Fruma ALTBERG (1891 - unknown)
    Beth TURKEL (Private)
    Beth TURKEL (Private)
    Betti TURKEL (est.1871-1891 - unknown)
    Betty ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Betty ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Betty ?MAIDEN (est.1861 - unknown)
    Betty GRETZ (1865-est.1942)
    Betty ROSENSWEIG (est.1897 - unknown)
    Betty TURKEL (19 Jun 1901-Mar 1988)
    Betty TURKEL (Private)
    Betty WALLER (est.1845-1865 - unknown)
    Betty (Bertha) TURKEL (1909 - unknown)
    Beverley SHAPIRO (Private)
    Beverly Harriet SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Beverly Sue TURKEL (Private)
    Beyle KORKUS (1889 - unknown)
    Beyle LOWENHAAR (est.1835-1855-est.1874-1950)
    Beyle TURKEL (est.1850-1870-est.1895-1940)
    Biele TURKEL (16 Feb 1873 - unknown)
    Bill FRANK (Private)
    Bill TURKEL (Private)
    Bill TURKEL (Private)
    Bina Feiga GENSER (1885 - unknown)
    Binah ERLICH (Private)
    Binah MARGALIOT (est.1913-1925-est.1941-1943)
    Binah Rose TURKEL (est.1857-1860-est.1882-1939)
    Bincha ?MAIDEN (est.1860-1873 - unknown)
    Binem HITLLER-HILTON (1895-1981)
    Binya Bronislaw KLEINER (Private)
    Binyamin TERKEL (1922-est.1942)
    Binyamin TERKEL (est.1830-1860 - unknown)
    Blanch REISS (Private)
    Blanche ?MAIDEN (est.1830-1847 - unknown)
    Blanche TERKEL (Private)
    Blanka KLEIN (est.1870-1890 - unknown)
    Blayne Joy ZUCKER (Private)
    Blime TERKEL (est.1829-1874)
    Blue HUNT (Private)
    Bluma EIDELBERG (1890 - unknown)
    Bluma KESTENBAUM (1877 - unknown)
    Bluma (Blime) GROSS (1882 - unknown)
    Bluma? Gittel? GENSER (1877 - unknown)
    Blume SCHALLET (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    Blume TURKEL (1881 - unknown)
    Boruch TURKEL (est.1881 - unknown)
    Boso TIRKELL (est.1830-AFT. 1830)
    Bracha (Bruche) TERKEL (1877 - unknown)
    Bracha (Buncha) TURKEL (1910-est.1942)
    Bradley SCNEIDER (Private)
    Braina ?MAIDEN (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Braine TERKEL (Private)
    Brand`l Bronia BACKENROTH (1903-25 Oct 1942)
    Brane Leah KESTENBAUM (1878 - unknown)
    Brania NUSSENBAUM (Private)
    Breine LAJCHTER (est.1885 - unknown)
    Breine ZAJFMAN (est.1894 - unknown)
    Breine Rosa GENSER (est.1835-1859 - unknown)
    Brenda KONIGSBERG (Private)
    Brenda WILSON (Private)
    Brenda F TURKEL (Private)
    Brett SILVERSTEIN (Private)
    Brett Adams HARWIN (Private)
    Brian TURKEL (Private)
    Brian Allan SCHNEIDER (Private)
    Briana AnnaHelenael TURKEL (Private)
    Brine TERZULOV-TUREI ZAHAV (Private)
    Bronia ?MAIDEN (est.1866 - unknown)
    Bronia TURKEL (1920-est.1942)
    Bronia TURKEL (est.1900-1912-est.1942)
    Bruce SILVERSTEIN (Private)
    Bruce TURKEL (27 Feb 1961-4 Aug 1978)
    Bruce TURKLE (Private)
    Bruce Evan TURKEL (Private)
    Bruno TURKEL (13 Oct 1887-1 Apr 1942)
    Bryce TURKEL (Private)
    "Buddy" PARKER (Private)
    Bunchie TERKEL (1895 - unknown)
    Buncie AXELRAD (est.1840-1860-est.1884-1940)
    Buncie FRAUNUENGLASS (1899 - unknown)
    Bunka TAFFET (est.1910-1919-est.1942)

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