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index of persons first-name begins with A

    AJ KOWAL (Private)
    Aaron GENSER (Private)
    Aaron SCHATTNER (Private)
    Aaron TURKEL (Private)
    Aaron TURKLE (Private)
    Aaron Arthur TURKEL (est.1901 - unknown)
    Aaron Michael ARCHER (Private)
    Aaron Zeesha "Harry S." BOHRER (16 Oct 1883-9 Mar 1951)
    Aba NE'EMAN (1872-1966)
    Aba Wolf WEILER (1884 - unknown)
    Abbey SCNEIDER (Private)
    Abe WOLFSON (Private)
    Abraham DZIEGANSKI (12 Jan 1882-Jun 1962)
    Abraham DZIEGANSKI (1875-1959)
    Abraham FRIEDMANN (est.1830-1850-est.1870-1940)
    Abraham GENSER (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Abraham KALINSKY (est.1883-1900 - unknown)
    Abraham KATZ (est.1845-1865-est.1884-1940)
    Abraham KLEIN (est.1850-1865 - unknown)
    Abraham LEVINE (1892-1953)
    Abraham MARMOR (Private)
    Abraham MONDSCHEIN (est.1810-1830 - unknown)
    Abraham NEMET (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    Abraham OPOCHINSKY (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    Abraham SHADMI (Private)
    Abraham SPACIERER (1894 - unknown)
    Abraham TERKEL (1880 - unknown)
    Abraham TERKEL (1914-est.1942)
    Abraham TERKEL (3 Jan 1880-28 Sep 1954)
    Abraham TERKEL (est.1860-1880-est.1943)
    Abraham TURKEL (1886 - unknown)
    Abraham TURKEL (4 Feb 1819 - unknown)
    Abraham TURKEL (Private)
    Abraham TURKEL (Private)
    Abraham TURKEL (est.1767-1831)
    Abraham TURKEL (est.1860-1875 - unknown)
    Abraham TURKEL (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Abraham TURKEL (est.1870-1888 - unknown)
    Abraham TURKEL (est.1870-1890 - unknown)
    Abraham TURKLE (22 Sep 1909-10 Oct 1989)
    Abraham TYRKIEL (UNKNOWN-1831)
    Abraham (Abe) FINE (est.1913 - unknown)
    Abraham (Abe) GRADIS (21 Aug 1884-13 Apr 1930)
    Abraham (Abe) TYRKEL (Private)
    Abraham (Abe) William TURKEL (23 Apr 1908-21 May 1955)
    Abraham (Abram) TURKEL (1833-1836)
    Abraham (Al) TURKEL (16 Sep 1897-Aug 1968)
    Abraham (Avi) Tzvi TURKEL (Private)
    Abraham (Avrum) DACHER (1860-1910)
    Abraham (Avrum) TURKEL (Rabbi) (1871-1942)
    Abraham (Avrumtche) BACKENROTH (Rabbi) (est.1860-1885 - unknown)
    Abraham (Karl) TURKEL (Private)
    Abraham Baruch TERKEL (1871 - unknown)
    Abraham Ber FRUHOF (1889 - unknown)
    Abraham Berish ALTBERG (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    Abraham Berish APSIS (1878 - unknown)
    Abraham Chaim ZEIDMAN (est.1856-1893-est.1941-1943)
    Abraham David HELPERN (1879 - unknown)
    Abraham Eber ROSENBERG (1882 - unknown)
    Abraham Hertzel HOROVITZ (Private)
    Abraham Issac EICHENBAUM (est.1830-1850-est.1869-1940)
    Abraham Itzhak LAJCHTER (1924-23 Aug 1942)
    Abraham Jacob TURKEL (1883 - unknown)
    Abraham Joel SOBEL (3 May 1869-1932)
    Abraham Josef TERKEL (1879 - unknown)
    Abraham Joseph BACKENROTH (BUCHENRATH) (est.1855-1867 - unknown)
    Abraham Leib MORKS (1875 - unknown)
    Abraham Meir RHEIN (Private)
    Abraham Oszias TERKEL (1877-1879)
    Abraham [father of Dina] ? (est.1855-1875 - unknown)
    Abraham [father of Frida] TIRKEL (est.1870-1880 - unknown)
    Abrahm GENSER (1868 - unknown)
    Achsa Rivka HOROVITZ (Private)
    Ada TURKEL (Private)
    Ada (Lori) TURKEL (Private)
    Ada (Turkle) ?MAIDEN (3 Jun 1885-Feb 1974)
    Adam DZIEGANSKI (est.1879-1883 - unknown)
    Adam FELLER (Private)
    Adam TERKEL (1901-1942)
    Adam TURKEL (Private)
    Adam TURKEL (Private)
    Adam David KORN (Private)
    Adam Field TURKEL (Private)
    Adam Marc SHAPIRO (Private)
    Adantche Hud`l NAGLER (Private)
    Adar NIR (Private)
    Adel TURKEL (est.1892 - unknown)
    Adela ?MAIDEN (1864 - unknown)
    Adela MELTZER (Private)
    Adela PIOTERKOWSKI (est.1860-1870 - unknown)
    Adela TURKEL (1909-est.1940-1945)
    Adela TURKEL (est.1890 - unknown)
    Adela ZAJFMAN (est.1895 - unknown)
    Adela (Della) TERKEL (est.1897 - unknown)
    Adela (Gittla) PARNAS (1864 - unknown)
    Adela Ester LAJCHTER (est.1880 - unknown)
    Adela Leah FEUCHTWANGER (9 Oct 1867-26 Jun 1937)
    Adele TURKEL (Private)
    Adella Hud`l FUX (est.1896-1910-est.1941-1943)
    Adi ALTER (Private)
    Adina TURKEL (Private)
    Adina Adella Hud`l TURKL (27 Dec 1914-29 Aug 2001)
    Adit TIRKEL (Private)
    Adolf GROSS (est.1891 - unknown)
    Adolf HALPERN (est.1870-1890 - unknown)
    Adolf SHEIN (Private)
    Adolf STRICK (est.1880-1900 - unknown)
    Adolf TURKEL (est.1889 - unknown)
    Adolf (Aba) ACKERMAN (1 Jan 1886-1926)
    Adolph TERKEL (est.1870-1890-est.1952)
    Adolph TURKEL (24 Nov 1835 - unknown)
    Adriana DE LA BARCENA (Private)
    Agathe Chaya MEYER (17 Jan 1889-19 Nov 1967)
    Aharon BEN-AMI (Private)
    Aharon BORENSTEIN (Private)
    Aharon PAPIER (est.1879-1922)
    Aharon David KAMINKER (1805-est.1870)
    Aharon David KAMINKER (1879-1881)
    Aharon HaCohen NUSSENBAUM (est.1790 - unknown)
    Aharon Itzhak GENSER (1879 - unknown)
    Aharon Leib FRUHOF (est.1850-1860 - unknown)
    Aharon Schaje LUNGE (1821-est.1867-1920)
    Aharon Yeroham Fischel TURKEL (est.1842 - unknown)
    Alan ELLMAN (Private)
    Alan MORDHORST (Private)
    Alan RABINOWITZ (1932-1994)
    Alan TIERSTEIN (Private)
    Alan TURKEL (Private)
    Albert BERRY (Private)
    Albert BIRKLEY (Private)
    Albert TURKEL (24 Mar 1900-12 Apr 1982)
    Albert TURKEL (Feb 1873-AFT. 1921)
    Albert TURKEL (Private)
    Albert WOLF (Private)
    Alec Justin STEINBERG (Private)
    Alex ALTSHULD (Private)
    Alex SUTKER (Private)
    Alex TALMY (Private)
    Alexander LAMDON (Private)
    Alexander (Sander) HOROVITZ (est.1884-1905-est.1941-1943)
    Alexasnder STERENBUCH (Private)
    Alexis Nicole REICH (Private)
    Alfred LEVINE (Private)
    Alfred TURKEL (1911-1968)
    Alfred M TURKEL (13 Apr 1930-14 Dec 1961)
    Aliana Mellisa TURKEL (Private)
    Alice TURKEL (Private)
    Alison CURPHEY (Private)
    Alison TERKEL (Private)
    Alison TURKEL (Private)
    Allan FORST (est.1870-1890 - unknown)
    Allan LEWIS (Private)
    Allan STEIN (Private)
    Allen MILLER (Private)
    Allen TERKEL (16 Aug 1901-Dec 1973)
    Allen TURKEL (Private)
    Allen Jay SCNEIDER (Private)
    Allison TURKELL (Private)
    Allvin EIDELMAN (Private)
    Alma (Turkle) ?MAIDEN (28 Aug 1903-Feb 1979)
    Almog NEGRIN (Private)
    Alon BEN-AMI (Private)
    Alon Mordechai SYMONS (Private)
    Alonzo TURKLE (est.1880 - unknown)
    Alta ?MAIDEN (1860-1941)
    Alta MARMOR (Private)
    Alte MONDSCHEIN (est.1850-est.1876-1940)
    Alte TERKEL (est.1820-1840-est.1879-1940)
    Alter GENSER (est.1820-1840 - unknown)
    Alter NUSSENBAUM (est.1880-1896 - unknown)
    Alter SCHAUBERG (est.1845-1865 - unknown)
    Alter TURKEL (est.1884-est.1942)
    Alvin GOLDBERG GRAHAM (Private)
    Alvin SOBEL (Private)
    Alvin WEINSTEIN (Private)
    Alyssa ?MAIDEN (Private)
    Amalia TURKEL (29 Aug 1843 - unknown)
    Amanda TOBIN (Private)
    Amanda Rose Sun-Kyung TERKEL (Private)
    Amelia ?MAIDEN (est.1860-1880 - unknown)
    Americo KUGLER (Private)
    Ami LEVINE (Private)
    Ami ZIDON (Private)
    Ami Cara TURKEL (Private)
    Amir LEVI (Private)
    Amir NEGRIN (Private)
    Amit CHADASH (Private)
    Amit FREIMAN (Private)
    Amit SHWARTZ (Private)
    Amnon BIRMAN (Private)
    Amnon KALMAN (est.1944 - unknown)
    Amnon KAPLAN (Private)
    Amsha David LOVITCH (Private)
    Amy LEIBOWITZ (Private)
    Amy PASTERNAK (Private)
    Amy PAUSHTER (Private)
    Amy TURKEL (Private)
    Amy WOLOSOFF (Private)
    Amy Lynn TERKEL (Private)
    Amy Renee TURKEL (Private)
    Anat LAMDON (Private)
    Anat YAHAV (Private)
    Anderew Douglas SOBEL (Private)
    Andrea ELLMAN (Private)
    Andrea KRAMER (Private)
    Andrea MILLER (Private)
    Andrea TOBIN (Private)
    Andrei MAMU (Private)
    Andrew BROSNIAK (Private)
    Andrew DANIELS (Private)
    Andrew FREEMAN (Private)
    Andrew FRIEDMAN (Private)
    Andrew HUNT (Private)
    Andrew TERKEL (Private)
    Andrew TURKELL (Private)
    Andrew TURKELL (Private)
    Andrew ZWIBELMAN (Private)
    Andrew Anatol Zygmunt TIRKEL (Private)
    Aner YACOBI (Private)
    Angela BONAVOGLIA (Private)
    Ania SHEIN (Private)
    Anita TIERSTEIN (Private)
    Ann TURKEL (Private)
    Ann TURKEL (Private)
    Ann TURKELL (2 Aug 1911-Jan 1973)
    Ann C. TURKEL (Private)
    Ann Kathryn TURKEL (Private)
    Anna ?MAIDEN (est.1835-1857 - unknown)
    Anna BLAUSTEIN (est.1880-1910-7 Jul 1928)
    Anna BORSHSTEIN (est.1880-1894 - unknown)
    Anna COMBS (Private)
    Anna GENSER (1880 - unknown)
    Anna HEIDEN (1871-est.1938)
    Anna SCHUTZ (3 Aug 1844 - unknown)
    Anna SHAKED (Private)
    Anna STEIN (1895-1972)
    Anna TIRKEL (est.1942-est.1942)
    Anna TURKEL (13 Jul 1896-Apr 1976)
    Anna TURKEL (7 Dec 1913-31 Jul 1991)
    Anna TURKEL (Private)
    Anna VOLK (est.1895-1910-1994)
    Anna (Channa) ZELTZER (29 Aug 1888-1942)
    Anna (Henia Sarah) SOBEL (15 Jan 1897-10 Nov 1980)
    Anna Eve ROSENFELD (Private)
    Anna [Opera Star] TURKEL (19 Nov 1905-1976)
    Anne ALPERN (Private)
    Anne COHEN (19 Oct 1920-1996)
    Anne GOLDBERG GRAHAM (Private)
    Anne MILLER (2 May 1909-28 Jun 1999)
    Anne TAFFET (Private)
    Anne TURKEL (24 Jul 1913-16 Jun 1985)
    Annie ?MAIDEN (Aug 1877 - unknown)
    Annie TURKEL (Apr 1876 - unknown)
    Annsheila TRONICK (Private)
    Anny TERKEL (Private)
    Anshel ALTBERG (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    Anshel ALTBERG (est.1920-1930-est.1941-1943)
    Antomina ?MAIDEN (est.1865-1885 - unknown)
    Anton Lewis SHAPIRO (Private)
    Anya NIELSEN (Private)
    Ari MANDELBROTH (Private)
    Ari (Aaron) BELL (Private)
    Arie Leib ALTER (Private)
    Arieh SHTEIN (Private)
    Arieh Hersh Leib ZEIDMAN (Private)
    Arieh Leib TURKEL (1888 - unknown)
    Ariel HA-COHEN (Private)
    Ariela TURKEL (Private)
    Arik ZALMANSON (Private)
    Ariť (Ayzik) RUBINSTEIN (est.1860-1890 - unknown)
    Arlene BARBORINO (Private)
    Arlene SEIGEL (Private)
    Armin TURKL (19 Jul 1892-23 Apr 1942)
    Arnold MAYER (1926-1990)
    Arnold TURKEL (6 Oct 1900-Nov 1980)
    Arnold TURKEL (Private)
    Arnold Avrum Srul MARMOR (est.1925-1935 - unknown)
    Arnold Fredrick TIERKEL (14 Sep 1923-1979)
    Arnold Ray TERKEL (Private)
    Aron Wolf FRANKEL (est.1830-1850 - unknown)
    Aron Yossil (Schapira) SHAPIRO (4 Feb 1903-11 Nov 1973)
    Arthur KOHN?KAHN (Private)
    Arthur TURKEL (2 Jan 1905-Jul 1991)
    Arthur TURKEL (25 Jun 1920-14 Nov 1996)
    Arthur TURKEL (Private)
    Arthur WEISINGER (11 Oct 1916-28 Jun 1990)
    Arthur Albert SCHOTT (Private)
    Arthur Albert Paul SCHOTT (19 Oct 1889-20 Oct 1956)
    Arthur S. OPPER (Private)
    Aryeh Leyova GOKOVSKI-AHISHAR (Private)
    Asher Anshel ZEIDMAN (est.1916-1926-est.1941-1943)
    Asher Enshel GUR-ARIEH (TURKEL) (Private)
    Assaf SUKENIK (Private)
    Audrey RABINOWITZ (Private)
    Audrey TOLL (Private)
    Augusta (Gussie) WEINSTEIN (1896-1975)
    Autumn TURKEL (Private)
    Avi ANDERMAN (Private)
    Avi NACHNIAS (Private)
    Avigail BEN-MALKA (Private)
    Avigail SHARABI (Private)
    Avigdor Wiktor TIRKEL (1911-est.1941-1945)
    Avinoam BARLEV (Dr.) (Private)
    Avital LEICHTER (Private)
    Avital (Tali) ZIDON (Private)
    Aviva LEITER (Private)
    Avraham KAMINKER (1870-18 May 1940)
    Avraham Anshel KAMINKER (1829-15 Apr 1921)
    Avraham Eliezer MOUCHLAM (est.1810-1830 - unknown)
    Avram S TURKEL (Private)
    Avshalom SHAY (KASHAYOF) (Private)
    Ayala ? (Private)
    Ayala SHAY (Private)
    Ayala Feige ?MAIDEN (est.1850-1864 - unknown)
    Ayelet BEN-YOSEF (Private)
    Azriel ALTBERG (est.1890-1905-est.1941-1943)

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