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Tierkel/Tirkel, David Baer, 1875-1948

Collection: Title: Papers, 1890-1942.
Description: ca. 1 linear ft.
Yiddish and Hebrew writer and playright.

David Baer Tirkel used the pen-name D. Batten.  He was active in Jewish organizations in Philadelphia, PA, and contributed to and edited Yiddish newspapers there.  He was born in the Ukraine and came to the United States in 1893.  Manuscripts of Tirkel's essays, articles, plays, writings on the history of the Yiddish theater in Philadelphia, and an autobiographical sketch.  Also, correspondence, 1905-1942; photographs of Tirkel; and minutes, 1899, of the Hebrew Literary Society of Philadelphia, are included.

Ref.: *.DOC file sent to me by Andrew Z. Tirkel, Australia

The following 1948 newpaper clip was provided courtesy William C Turkel

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כתבי טירקל דוד בר בן אהרן ירוחם פישל

שירי דוד בער טירקל
שירי דוד בער טירקל



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